Oil Interests in the Amazon

Companion to Trinkets & Beads (1996) Documentary film

and Joe Kane's Savages (1995)

Dr. Ari Santas

Valdosta State University



See Wikipedia site on Rachel Saint, the evangelical missionary who lived among the Huaorani (on and off from 1956-76) and has been accused of enabling the oil interests in Ecuadorian Amazon

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For the most recent info, on the ongoing controversy involving Chevron (which has since acquired Texaco), see Chevron Toxico, the website of Amazon Watch's Clean Up Ecuador Campaign, includes new video of affected Ecuadorians urging Chevron´s CEO to clean up oil pollution: http://chevrontoxico.com/

See also "CRUDE. The Real Price of Oil" (2009), Joe Berlinger's award-winning documentary film that chronicles the epic battle to hold oil giant Chevron accountable for its systematic contamination of the Ecuadorian - official website:


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