Caitlyn Brown


Faith as a Human Universal


Aaron Calheiros

Agape and Its Impact on Martin Luther King, Jr and the Civil Rights Movement


Alexis Carter


Religion, Choice, and the Gay Bisexual Lesbian Transgender


Eddie Castillo


Existential Personal Identity: A Native Peopleís Critique


Matt Chapman


Dark Nights and Jokers


Tyrell Daniel


The Self Subservient-Observant Animal: Humanities Identity Crisis from a Universal, Insecure Prospective


Brian Dodd


Ontology of Jazz Music


Rebecca Griggs


On Strangeness: A Critical Look at Stranger in a Strange Land


Jordan Kent


Skepticism, Narcissism, and the Crisis Existential


Garrett Groff


Subjectivity, Science, and the Observer


Josh Grubb


Interpreting the Second Amendment and the Culture of Fear in the Debate over Gun Control


Colin Law


The 1947 Partition of India


Phillip Miller


Nietzschean Ethics: Morality Without and Contra Religion


Tre Robinson


The Real Happiness


Ed Rollins


Homosexuality and the Redefinition of Marriage in the Christian Church


Danielle Roush


Modern Civil Disobedience


Blake Shively


Capra, Cosmology, and Alternative Science


Charlie Smith


PEDís: Cause or Effect of the Degradation of Sports?


Eric Spivey


A History of the Ontological Argument for the Existence of God