Assistant Professor of Eng’g/Physics, Cumberland County College, 

New Jersey (July 2002-June 2003).

Courses: Calculus Based Physics I, and II (Lectures and Laboratories), 

Introduction to Engineering Statics, Dynamics, Engineering Graphics (CAD). 

Assistant Professor of Eng’g /Physics, State Univ. of West Georgia (1999-2000).

Assistant Professor of Eng’g/Physics, State Univ. of West Georgia (1999-2000).

Courses: Calculus Based Physics I, and II (Lectures and Laboratories), 

Algebra Based Physics I, and II (Lectures and Laboratories), 

Engineering Thermodynamics, Astronomy, Computational Physics/Mechanics.     

Research Engineer, Engineering and Physics Division, IPST at Georgia Tech (1994-2002).

Lectures/Seminars: Mechanics, Process Engineering, Mass Transfer, Thermal Sciences, Engineering/Physics.

Instructor/Member of academic faculty, Dental Biomaterials/Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida, (June 1990-1994).

Courses: Biomaterials (Lectures and labs), Clinical Dental Materials, 

Lectures/Lunch & Learning Seminars in Computational Mechanics, Experimental Mechanics, 

Statistical Methods, Finite Element Analysis.

Instructor, Santa Fe Community College Gainesville, Florida (1985-1987).

Courses: Introduction to Statistics.

Instructor, Florida Community College, Jacksonville, Florida (1984-1985).

Courses: Statistics, Elementary Algebra, College Algebra, Calculus. 

Graduate Assistant, Engineering Science Department, University of Florida (1984).

Courses: Statics.

Graduate Assistant, Mechanical Engineering Department, Mississippi State University (1977-1980).

Lectures/Seminars: Thermodynamics, Heat transfer.