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Reading is the key to Success!!!

It's ME!!!!
Hi! I am Ms. Taylor. Literacy is essential to everyday life. Literacy is the ability to read and write. It is used in EVERYTHING that we do. I am passionate about closing the gap in reading with those who have deficiencies. I teach 7th grade students with emotional behavior disorders, moderate intellectual disorders and other health impairments. My purpose is to assist in closing the gap of illiteracy and give children/adults the confidence needed to be successful in the career of their choice and to be able to read anything they desire to read. I enjoy reading and shopping.

All in a day's work!!!!
I have been at Memorial Middle School for the past 11 years. It is located east of Atlanta in Conyers, Ga. For more information about Rockdale County and the schools in Rockdale County go to

Welcome to Reading! It is essential to every occupation you can think of and more!

Reading is fundamental!

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Student Resources

improves fluency and comprehension skills. Data is collected on the student via the website. improves math and reading building fluency and comprehension skills. The site collects data on each student and sends it to the parent/teacher.
starts the reader on his/her level and helps build by audio and visual prompts.
used to assists students in improving reading skills primarily fluency and comprehension skills.