The History of the World with Ms. Cox
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Henry County High School is located in McDonough, GA. McDonough is located in Henry County approximately twenty miles south of Atlanta. There are so many exciting things going on at HCHS. One of which is the new Academy of Advanced Studies opening next year. The Academy will offer specialized career pathway instruction to high school students throughout the district.                                          HCHS school logo                                                      Hawk head                     

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My name is Crystal Cox. I grew up in a small town called Zebulon, GA. I began my career as a teacher in 2010 at a school in South Florida. I lived in Fort Myers for five years and Miami for one year. I enjoyed the experience but I am happy to be home in Georgia. This is my first year working as a Learning Specialist at Henry County High School. I coteach in five subject areas but I choose World History as my focus because it is my favorite subject. I have two amazingly precious children Elijah and Layla. I spend most of my time being a mother and a teacher. I also enjoy traveling, shopping, politics, history, fitness, yoga and learning about different places around the world. I am thinking of becoming a yoga instructor in my spare time. I would love to go to another country to learn yoga at a place like The Pranashama Yoga Institute.

Most of the students I work with in World History are in the 10th grade, although some are in different grade levels. We are learning all kinds of interesting things about the history of the world. We do many projects to apply the things we learn. In groups we create posters, powerpoint presentations and recently we made castles. We follow the Georgia Common Core Standards for learning World History.

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