Valdosta, Georgia- My Hometown



Azalea- City Flower Valdosta State University

Lowndes High
I graduated from
here in 1999
Wild Adventures
A great place to
relax and have fun...
concerts, roller-coasters
and more

JCPenney in the Valdosta Mall-
This is where I work
and where I do alot of my shopping :)


 What is the name of your hometown? Valdosta

Where is it located? Georgia

How large is the city? Population? Area?
Population in July 2009: 52,087.
- City30.3 sq mi (78.4 km2)
- Land29.9 sq mi (77.5 km2)
- Water0.4 sq mi (0.9 km2)

A few of your favorite spots in town. Your school, a restaurant, shopping mall... Valdosta State University, Chili's, Wild Adventures

What you did/do for fun in your hometown? Wild Adventures, Movies, Valdosta mall, Jac's Lanes, Chili's

Your feeling and thoughts about the town? It's getting too big



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