Reading Rocks with Ms. Tekolu
                                             Designed by: Dara Tekolu

My name is Ms. Tekolu. I work at Forrest Hill Academy. Forrest Hill Academy is the only one of its kind in the school district Atlanta Public Schools. Our population consist of 6th-11th graders. Most of the students have either been expelled from a regular education setting or was recently released from a youth detention center. I am the reading department chair for middle school. I teach the sixth and seventh grade boys. The school is located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. One of the biggest challenges I face is that the students come from all over the city. When they arrive they usually don't know each other so getting acquainted is sort of challenging.

Hello! My name is Dara Tekolu.  I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I love sports and I am a die hard fan of the Atlanta Falcons. I graduated from Georgia State University . I have been around the world and seen a couple of places but my biggest dream is to go to Paris.  Shopping and traveling are my hobbies. I love to learn and teach. I am the mother of a brand new baby boy and a bubbling little girl. They are ages four months and five years. There is never a dull moment. I hope to be of some assistance to everyone who needs me.


 In my reading class, we use the reading intervention program    read 180. READ 180 is an excellent program that individualizes instruction for each student and allows them to read and complete activities on their present grade level. The students are split up into groups and rotate between three learning stations daily. The learning station consist of Guided Reading, Small Group Instruction, and Instructional Software. The students also take a scholastic reading inventory monthly which gives them a lexile score that gives them an understanding of what grade level they read on. Monthly administrations allow the students to set goals and track progress allowing them to monitor their own reading levels which is essential in student accountability.

                  Ms. Tekolu's Classroom News and Important Dates
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