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Harley Langdale, Jr. College of Business Administration

Valdosta State University

Valdosta, GA 31698-0075

Phone: (229)333-5241

Fax: (229)245-2248

E-mail: ebheath@valdosta.edu



West Virginia University PhD, Economics 2009

Youngstown State University MA, Economics 2003

Trinity College London LTCL in TESOL (U.K. master's degree equivalent) 1997

Washington University in St. Louis AB, Economics 1986


Academic Employment:

Assistant Professor of Economics 2009 present

Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA

Graduate Assistant in Department of Economics 2004 2009

West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

Research Assistant in College of Education 2002 2004

Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH

Director of Studies 1990 1999

Centro Ingles Language School, Segovia, Spain

English as a Foreign Language Instructor 1990

Japanese American Language School, New York, NY


Editorial Positions:

Editor and Track Chair of Economics 2010 present

ASBBS eJournal


Research Fields:

Monetary Economics, International Finance, International Development, and Applied



Teaching Fields:

Money and Banking, Macroeconomics, International Economics , Math for Economists, Microeconomics, and Statistics


Teacher of Record:

At Valdosta State University:

-ECON1500: Survey of Economics - Fall 2013 (honors), Summer 2013

-ECON2105: Fall 2013, Spring 2013 (2 sections), Fall 2012, Spring 2012 (2 sections), Fall 2011, Summer 2011, Spring 2011 (2 sections), Fall 2010, Spring 2010 (2 sections), Fall 2009 (2 sections)

-ECON3001: Math for Economists - Fall 2012, Fall 2011, Fall 2010

-ECON3750: Money and Banking - Fall 2013, Spring 2013, Fall 2012, Summer 2012, Spring 2012, Fall 2011, Spring 2011, Fall 2010, Summer 2010, Spring 2010, Fall 2009

-ECON3600: International Economics - Summer 2012


At West Virginia University:

-ECON201: Principles of Microeconomics - Spring 2007(over 200 students), Fall 2005

-ECON202: Principles of Macroeconomics - Spring 2009 (over 200 students), Fall 2008 (over 200

students), Spring 2006

-ECON 225: Elementary Business/Economics Statistics - Summer 2007

-ECON 302: Intermediate Macro-Economic Theory - Fall 2006

-ECON 331: Money and Banking - Summer 2006

-ECON 451: International Economics - Fall 2007


Research Grants, Honors, Scholarships, and Fellowships:

Outstanding Economics Teacher Award 2011-2013

Chosen by the Business Student Advisory Council as the winner of the Outstanding Economics

Teacher Award.

Faculty Development and Instructional Improvement Grant 2009 - 2013

Grant awarded for presentation of papers at regional, national, and/or international academic

conferences and/or for attending at meetings and workshops which focus on curriculum

development and instructional improvement activities.

Rea & Lillian Steele Summer Grant 2010 - 2011, 2013

Grant awarded for summer research (did not apply for grant in 2012).

Silver Wheaton Best Papers in International Finance 2011

Award given by Academy of Business Research at their fall conference in Atlantic City, NJ.

Langdale College Outstanding Teacher Award 2011

Chosen by the Business Student Advisory Council as the winner of the Langdale College

Outstanding Teacher Award.

Southern Economic Association Doctoral Student Award 2008

Given to Ph.D. candidates chosen to present their work at the Southern Economic Association

as a representative of West Virginia University. Only one is awarded per year.

Dadisman Graduate Assistant Supplement Award 2007

An additional stipend awarded to third and fourth year Graduate Assistants making appropriate progress towards the Ph.D. degree.

Dadisman Cap 2004 2008

An additional stipend awarded for the purpose of recruiting top candidates.


[1] "Do Intellectual Property Rights Affect World Trade?" (with L.J. Gonzalez), Global Economy and

Finance Journal, forthcoming.

[2] "The effect of the inverted yield curve on the components of US real GDP," Journal of Economics

and Business, forthcoming.

[3] "Using Electricity Demand to Estimate State-Level Underground Economic Activity in the US."

(with L.R. Jones), International Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 4(8), 2013: 272- 280.

[4] "Currency Area and Non-synchronized Business Cycles between the US and Puerto Rico" (with

C.R. Sobrino), Economics Bulletin, 33, 2013: 1948-1958.

[5] "Credit variables and their relationship in the macroeconomy," Journal of Applied Financial

Research, 2012(2), 2012: 79-90.

[6] "Which credit variables matter for real output and inflation?" ASBBS eJournal, 7(1), 2011: 28-41.

[7] "Real interest rates and fiscal policy: a global study," Global Economy & Finance Journal, 3(2), 2010: 89-106.

[8] "Real wage responses to unemployment shocks in France and the UK," (with Yih-Wu Liu), Journal of Economics and Politics, 17 & 18(1), 2004-6: 17-30.


Research Papers under review or in progress:

[1] "The response of the Mexican equity market to US monetary surprises" (with S.J. Kopchak)

[2] "Current account dynamics: a SVAR analysis with non-orthogonal structural shocks"

(with C.R. Sobrino)

[3] "Currency area and short-run persistence: Puerto Rico is not converging to the US" (with C.R.


[4] "Predicting bank failures using survival analysis and the Texas Ratio" (with S.J. Kopchak)


University, College and Department Service:

Curriculum Committee Chair 2013 present

Steering Study Abroad Committee 2013 present

LCOBA Study Abroad Task Force 2013 present

Faculty Scholarship Committee 2011 present

Faculty Marshall 2011 present

AOL Teamwork Team 2011 present

Curriculum Committee 2011 present

Contact for Undergraduate Recruiting in Economics 2011 present

Core Revision Steering Committee (CRSC) 2010 present

Student Development Organization 2009 present

Study Abroad Task Force 2013

Faculty Advisor to Ultimate Frisbee Club 2010 2012

International Business Committee 2011 2012

Department Search Committee 2010 2012

CRSC Area D Subcommittee (chair) 2010 2011

Marketing and Economics Department Head Search 2010 2011

AOL Analytical Team 2009 2011


Professional Activities:


Journal of Applied Financial Research

Economics Bulletin

Financial Theory and Practice

CLADEA 2011 Conference



2013 Spring Academy of Business Research New Orleans, LA

2012 Fall Academy of Business Research Biloxi, MS

2012 South Georgia Community Banking Symposium Valdosta, GA

2012 Academy of Economics and Finance Charleston, SC

2011 South Georgia Community Banking Symposium Valdosta, GA

2011 Fall Academy of Business Research Atlantic City, NJ

2011 Western Economic Association International San Diego, CA

2010 South Georgia Community Banking Symposium Valdosta, GA

2010 Western Economic Association International Portland, OR

2009 Southern Economic Association San Antonio, TX

2009 Midwest Economic Association Cleveland, OH

2008 Southern Economic Association Washington, DC

2008 Western Economic Association International Waikiki, HI

2008 Pennsylvania Economic Association Slippery Rock, PA

2008 International Atlantic Economic Society Warsaw, Poland

2008 Midwest Economic Association Chicago, IL

2008 Eastern Economic Association Boston, MA

2007 Southern Economic Association New Orleans, LA

2006 Southern Economic Association Charleston, SC

2004 Pennsylvania Economic Association Pittsburgh, PA

2003 Ohio Association of Economists and Political Scientists Tiffin, OH



American Economic Association

Southern Economic Association

Academy of Economics and Finance

Academy of Business Research



English (native), Spanish (fluent)



Dr. Arabinda Basistha Dr. Alexander Kurov

Associate Professor Associate Professor

Division of Economics and Finance Division of Economics and Finance

College of Business and Economics College of Business and Economics

West Virginia University West Virginia University

Morgantown, WV 26506-6025 Morgantown, WV 26506-6025

(304)293-7854 (304)293-7892

Arabinda.Basistha@mail.wvu.edu alkurov@mail.wvu.edu


Dr. Ronald Balvers Dr. Santiago Pinto

Professor Associate Professor

Division of Economics and Finance Division of Economics and Finance

College of Business and Economics College of Business and Economics

West Virginia University West Virginia University

Morgantown, WV 26506-6025 Morgantown, WV 26506-6025

(304)293-7880 (304)293-7871

rbalvers@wvu.edu smpinto@mail.wvu.edu


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