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A little about Ms. B.

Hi! I’m Ms. B. I am a first year teacher at Grayson High School
for Gwinnett County Public Schools outside of Atlanta, Georgia.
Gwinnett County is a beautiful, family friendly county with so many activities and places to boast!

I was born and raised in a small, rural, community in North Central Iowa, Belmond.
I attribute my strong family values and work ethic to the culture of the community I was raised in.
I was instilled with the desire to succeed and work hard! In my free time I enjoy cooking and baking,
spending time with family, sewing and embroidering, and riding my motorcycle.

I graduated from Des Moines Area Community College in 2008 with a degree in Early
Childhood Education. My work experience in the ECE field includes owning my own
Child Development Home, directing a child development center, and teaching pre-school.
I graduated from the University of Iowa in May of 2012 with a Bachelors Degree focused in
Social Work and Political Science. My work experience in politics includes working in the Iowa
for four years. Three of which were spent as a Legislative Clerk for President
Pro Tempore Senator Jeff Danielson.


I Co-Teach CP Chemistry to 10th grade students with Mr. Schwab and Ms. Schoolcraft. I
have a passion for helping children learn. I love to help young children learn but I also enjoy helping
older children and even adults learn as well. I believe that every moment is a teachable moment;
 it does not matter if you are two years old or 82 years old! I also feel that learning should be fun and made
desirable; that is why I try to engage my students and bring real life examples into the classroom. Learning should be fun!
One lab we do in CP Chemistry is the Lego Lab. This lab gives a tangible example of how atoms bond to make molecules.

Student Resource Table


Molar Mass Calculator

A quick way to calculate Molar Mass, you will also find other useful tools on this site as well!



National Institute of Standards and Technology Chemistry Web Book

This site has tons of useful information that will help you broaden
and deepen your knowledge of Chemistry.



Extra Help Tutorials

This site has tutorials that will help fill you in on things you may have missed in class.




This periodic table has lots of extra information about the elements. A great resource to broaden your knowledge of the elements we talk about every day in class.



Information Table

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E Book


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