"ABC Classroom" with Ms. Calleiro

Designed by Elisa R. Calleiro

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William Blount High School is located in Blount County, Tennessee. Our school is located in the foothill region of the Smokey Mountains. WBHS's official web page contains many valuable links and resources that students may need this year. Check it out for updates and events. For Blount County Schools information, please visit Blount County Schools Website.

My Name is Ms. Calleiro, but often my students call me "Ms. C." My family last name is Portuguese; my father's family originally immigrated from Aveiro, Portugal and Havana, Cuba. Both cities are simply stunning; they have beautiful beaches and older buildings full of architectural details. View these travel sites (Portugal and Cuba) to see what my family's hometowns look like. I plan to visit these locations in the summer. I have a personal website that provides some of my qualifications and more about my interests and hobbies:view my personal website. I love teaching, and I also love writing books. This is my 4th year teaching, but my 1st year teaching with William Blount High School.

Our classroom is an Alternative Behavior Classroom. We have nicknamed it the "ABC classroom." Some of our students attend "outside" classes, and some of our students attend classes exclusively in the "ABC" room. Students have support from a teaching assistant from the "ABC" classroom while attending "outside" classes. We shadow the same coursework offered in the "outside" classes, but we are self-contained.

gradWe teach all grades 9-12, and we teach all subjects needed for a high school student to graduate. Our room serves as a teaching station and cool down zone. We have support from a local mental health agency named Helen Ross McNabb. Our HRM school counselor visits at least twice a week. We use a point system, in which students earn privileges daily. Our students also have a graduation countdown that we enjoy using as a daily motivation. We work with guidance counselors to develop a plan of study that suits each student's learning style. It is so meaningful to s
ee all of our students enjoy learning.