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Selected Recent Publications

                    Selected Recent Publications

  1. J. Mohammed-Awel, F. Agusto, R. Mickens and A. Gumel. Mathematical Assessment of the Role of Vector Insecticide Resistance and Feeding/Resting Behavior on Malaria Transmission Dynamics: Optimal Control Analysis. Submitted, 2017.

  2. J. Mohammed-Awel, R. Zhao, E. Numfor and S. Lenhart. Management Strategies in a Malaria Model Combining Human and Transmission-Blocking Vaccines. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B (DCDS-B),  Volume 22, 3, (2017), pp. 977--1000. Available online

  3. J. Mohammed-Awel and E. Numfor. Optimal Insecticide Treated Bed-net Coverage and Malaria Treatment in a Malaria-HIV Co-infection Model. Journal of Biological Dynamics, (2017) VOL. 11, NO. S1, 160–191. Available online

  4. C.N. Ngonghala, J. Mohammed, R. Zhao, and O. Prosper. Interplay between insecticide-treated bed-nets and mosquito demography: implications for malaria control. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 397(2016), pp. 179192. Available online

  5. Jemal Mohammed-Awel. Mathematical modeling in one dimension: an introduction via difference and differential equations (Book review). Journal of Difference Equations and Applications, volume 21, issue 1, 2015.  DOI: 10.1080/10236198.2014.986117

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  8. R. Zhao and J. Mohammed-Awel. A mathematical model studying mosquito-stage transmission-blocking vaccines. Mathematical BioSciences and Engineering MBA-AIMS, Volume 11, Number 5,  2014, pages 1229-1245. Available Online

  9.  M.I. Teboh-Ewungkem, J. Mohammed-Awel, F.N. Baliraine, S.M. Duke-Sylvester. The effect of Intermittent Preventive Treatment on antimalarial drug resistance spread in areas with population movement. Malaria Journal 2014, 13:428. Available online

  10. J. Mohammed-Awel, J. Bantle, A. Festinger, R. Klafehn, HJ. Jo and J. Ringland. Boundaries of Sustainability in Simple and Elaborate Models of Agricultural Pest Control with a Pesticide and a Nontoxic Refuge. Journal of Biological Dynamics, Volume 5 issue 1 page 80-95, 2012. Online

  11. J. Mohammed-Awel, K. Kopecky and J. Ringland. A situation in which a local nontoxic refuge promotes pest resistance to toxic crops. Theoretical Population Biology Volume 71, issue 2, 131-146 (2007). Published version is at ScienceDirect.

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  15. J. Mohammed-Awel.  Deterministic and Stochastic Models of Development of Resistance to Genetically Modified Pesticidal Crops, PhD. Thesis (2006).

  16.  J. Mohammed-Awel and J. Ringland. Stochastic and deterministic population models based on extreme competition for habitat. (in progress).