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       Newton High School, home of the RAMS, is located in Covington, GA. Covington is famous for being the current filming location for the CW hit TV series, "The Vampire Diaries," and is formally known as the filming location for movies such as: " The Dukes of Hazzard," "Halloween H20," and Tyler Perry's "The Family that Preys." The city of Covington is locate about 30 miles East of Atlanta, where you will find the Capital of Georgia.

I am a fifth year Social Studies co-teacher, and I am very excited about you learning American Government this year. When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy shopping and spending time with my book club. I also enjoy traveling, as well as experiencing anything new.

You will learn about several political aspects in American Government this year, including: Federalism, Congress, Electoral Process, and The Legislature. This class is designed for 9th grade students, and is a required course for graduation. Upon completing American Government this year, you will have developed the background knowledge that you will need to be successful in your World History, U.S. History, and Economics classes in the future. 

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9th Grade American Government
Resources for Students

The Constitution

Click here to learn more about the supreme law of the United States. Here you will find the six principles that our great nation is based upon.   

The Three Branches

Click here to learn more about the main functions of our three branches of government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches. 

House of Representatives

Want to learn about how the House works? Looking for a step-by-step description
how Congress makes laws? Want  to see our
Capitol? The resources in this
 section contain a wealth of information for students.


Want to learn about how the Senate works? The resources in this section contain many  interesting facts about how laws are passed through the senate, often called the upper house.

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