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Hi !!! My name is Niklas Herbring, and I am a freshman at Valdosta State University. I am an international student from Frankfurt, Germany. I came to Valdosta State in January 2012, and I play for the VSU Tennis Team.

My major is Mass Media. Having the chance to study in the United States, combined with the possibility of playing tennis is a great opportunity.

I was born in Berlin, Germany.But I live in Frankfurt. It is a big city in western Germany. I like my hometown so much, and I am proud to have grown up in that beautiful city. I have one sister, who is older than me. So, I am the youngest in our family. Fortunately, I felt so lucky having a older sister,because she always helped. I'm a familiy guy and I love being with them. Therefore, I want to thank my family, who always supports me.


Your freshman year experience at Valdosta State University is critical in laying the groundwork for a successful academic and professional career. Employers view a well-rounded successful academic career as evidence that students can be equally successful and productive in their chosen fields. Success for the first-year student begins by mastering three principal tasks of the first year student:

Developing Academic Skills
Adjusting to College Life

Developing Academic & Career Goals

VSU’s Freshman Year Experience (FYE) is an outstanding, two-semester long, student development program that assists first-year students in accomplishing these tasks. The program is designed primarily for students who have not yet decided on an academic major.
  Since I am an international student from Germany, I improved my English constantly in my first semester as a freshman at VSU. Furthermore ,the entire athletic community helped me taken care of all the important steps before the semester started, so I could focus on my classes and tennis immediately. My professors helped me remarkably, and I did not have problems in my classes,even though my native language is German.