R. Paul Mihail :: Publications

Below is a listing of my publications


Kinesthetic Touches For a Theory of Computing Class
Judy Goldsmith, Radu P Mihail. Proc. FECS, 2016.

Closed Labs in Programming Courses: A Review
Radu P Mihail, Krishnendu Roy. Proc. FECS, 2016.

Sky Segmentation in the Wild: an Empirical Study
Radu P Mihail, Scott Workman, Zach Bessinger, Nathan Jacobs. Proc. WACV , 2016.


Instructional Elements and Online
Alexandru Spatariu, Denise L. Windsor and Radu P. Mihail. In Academia Journal of Educational Research 3(3): November 2015 DOI: 10.15413/ajer.2015.0122. 2015.

Using Visual Analytics to Inform Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Choices
Radu P. Mihail, Nathan Jacobs, Judy Goldsmith, Kristine Lohr. In C. S. Loh, Y. Sheng, & D. Ifenthaler (Eds.), Serious Games Analytics (pp. 211-231). Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-05834-4_9. 2015.


A Pot of Gold: Rainbows as a Calibration Cue
Scott Workmann, Radu P Mihail, Nathan Jacobs. Proc ECCV, 2014.

A CRF Approach to Fitting a Generalized Hand Skeleton Model
Radu P Mihail, Gustav Blomquist, Nathan Jacobs. Proc. WACV , 2014.

Online Discussion: Improving Education in CS?
Radu P Mihail, Beth Rubin, Judy Goldsmith. Proc. SIGCSE , 2014.


Teaching Graphics for Games using Microsoft XNA
Radu P Mihail, Judy Goldsmith, Nathan Jacobs and Jerzy W. Jaromczyk, Proc. CGAMES , 2013.

A Data-Driven Approach to Visualize the Effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis on Hands
Kaitlin Burton, Frederick Hallock and Radu P Mihail Proc. CGAMES , 2013.


Real Time Gesture Recognition With 2 Kinect Sensors
Radu P Mihail, Nathan Jacobs, Judy Goldsmith
16th International Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision,& Pattern Recognition (IPCV), 2012.