Integrated Writing Units - READ 7140, Summer 2008, Dr. Tonja Root

Kindergarten Writing Units

McKenzie, Paula:  Narrative-Response to Literature (ELA) (total unit) & PwPt  & Persuasive Letter (SS)

First Grade Writing Units

Megow, Crissy:  Persuasive Letter (total unit) & PwPt  &  Narrative-Simulated Journal  (both SS-Harriet Tubman & Underground Railroad)

Hotchkiss Seery, Emily:  Narrative-Simulated Journal & PwPt (SS-Ben Franklin) (total unit)

Smith, Janna:  Persuasive Report (Sci-Pets) & PwPt  &  Narrative-Simulated journal (SS-Thomas Jefferson) (total unit)

Second Grade Writing Units

Barnes, Heather:  Persuasive Letter (SS-Elected Officials) (total unit)  &  Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS-GA Historical Figures)  & PwPt

Cayton, Jordan:  Persuasive Travel Brochure (SS-State & National Bldgs & Capitals) (total unit) & PwPt Expository Report (SS-GA Historical Figures)

Love, Felicia:  Narrative-Simulated Journal (total unit) & PwPt  & Expository Report (both Sci-Frogs)

Pulliam, JoAnn:  Persuasive Letter (SS-Spending & Saving) (total unit) & PwPt  &  Narrative-Simulated Journal (Sci)

Hotchkiss Seery, Emily:  Persuasive Letter (ELA)

Stacy, Paula:  Expository Report (SS) & PwPt

Tucker, Angie:  Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS- GA Historical Figures) (total unit)  &  Persuasive Letter (Sci-Life Cycle of a Frog)

Waller, Katie:  Expository Newspaper Article (total unit) PwPt  &  Narrative-Simulated Journal (both SS-Elected Officials)

Watford, Sheryl:  Expository Reports (SS-Cherokee Indians)  &  Narrative-Response to Literature (ELA) (total unit) (CDs were blank)

Third Grade Writing Units

Gillis, Debra:  Narrative-Biography (SS-Famous Americans, Civil Rights) (total unit)  &  Expository-ABC Book (Sci-Okefenokee Swamp) & PwPt

Stacy, Paula:  Narrative-Response to Literature (ELA) (total unit)

Fourth Grade Writing Units

Holmes, Katherine:  Expository Report (SS-Seminole Indians) & PwPt  &  Narrative (SS-Native Americans) (total unit)

Hunter, Lauren:  Expository Newspaper Article (total unit) & PwPt  &  Narrative-Simulated Journal (both SS-British Colonist)

King, Kathy:  Persuasive Travel Brochure (ELA) (total unit) & PwPt   &   Narrative (ELA)

Tapp, Danielle:  Expository Newspaper Article (SS-Inuits) (total unit) & PwPt   &  Persuasive Essay (Sci-Extenction)

Whitmer, Cynthia:  Narrative (ELA) (total unit)  &  Expository Report (Sci-Ecosystems) & PwPt

Fifth Grade Writing Units

Cason, Tyler:  Narrative-Simulated Journal (total unit) & PwPt   &   Persuasive Letter (both SS-Civil War)

Jenks, Maegan:  Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS-Slavery) (total unit)  & Persuasive Essay (SS-Voting) & PwPt

Roberson, Shantelle:  Expository-Bio-Poem (total unit) & PwPt   &   Narrative-Simulated Journal (both SS-Immigration)

Tatum, Sarah:  Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS-Pearl Harbor) (total unit) & PwPt   &   Expository Newspaper Article (SS-Civil Rights)