Integrated Writing Units - READ 7140, Summer 2009, Dr. Tonja Root  (* = noteworthy effective unit)

Kindergarten Writing Units

Whealan, Nicole: Informational ABC Book  (Sci-Living Things) (total unit) & PwPt & Narrative-Response to Literature (ELA)

First Grade Writing Units

* Albury, Michelle:  Informational-Report (Sci-Animals) (total unit) & PwPt  Narrative (ELA-Good Day)

Shadron, Diane: Informational-How to Report (SS-Communities) (total unit) & PwPt & Narrative (Sci-Animals)

Wilson, Jeanna:  Narrative (Sci-Animals) (total unit) & PwPt  &  Informational-Letter (SS-Johnny Appleseed)

Second Grade Writing Units

Case, Kelsey:  Narrative-Simulated Journal (Sci-Frog Cycle) (total unit) &  Informational-Essay (both SS-M.L. King, Jr.)  (Note: These are folders with individual lessons.)

Bashlor, Stacy:  Informational-Collaborative Report (total unit) & PwPt & Narrative-Simulated Journal (both: SS-Civil Rights)

Oakley, Lynsie:  Informational-News Article (total unit) & PwPt  & Narrative-Simulated Journal  (both SS-Georgia Native Americans)

Carmichael, Heather:  Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS-Founders of Georgia)

Third Grade Writing Units

Camp, Holly:  Persuasive-Letter (Sci-Recycling)  (total unit)  & PwPt Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS-Historical Figures)

* Herrington, Kamryn: Narrative-Simulated Journal (Sci-Fossils) (total unit) & PwPt & Informational-Collaborative Report (SS-Historical Figures)

Jurewicz, Kristin: Narrative-Simulated Journal (Sci- Effects of Humans on Population)

* Simmons, Barbara:  Persuasive-Letter (Sci-Environment) (total unit) & PwPt & Informational-Essay (SS-Branches of Government)

Carden, Tessa: Informational-Report (SS-Interdependence & Trade)

Crawford, Katrina: Persuasive-Brochure (Sci-Recycling)

* Mahoney, Regina:  Narrative-Simulated Journal (Sci-Animal Habitat) (total unit) & PwPt & Persuasive-Letter (Sci-Saving Animal Habitats)

Dial, Brooke: Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS-Leaders of Democracy) (total unit) & PwPt   Informational-Report (Sci-Effects of Pollutions)

* Smith, Sarah: Informational-Essay (SS-Georgia Habitats) (total unit) & PwPt & Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS-Historical Americans)

Fourth Grade Writing Units

Jurewicz, Kristin: Persuasive-Letter (SS-Freedom of Expression) (total unit) & PwPt

Hawkins, Michelle:  Persuasive-Letter (SS-First Amendment) (total unit) & PwPt  &  Informational-News Article (SS-American Revolution) [no documents on CD]

* Henderson, Brittany: Informational-Collaborative Report (SS-Harriet Tubman & Elizabeth Stanton) (total unit)  & PwPt  &  Narrative-Simulated Travel Journal (Sci-Solar System)

Ray, Hali:  Persuasive Letter (Sci-Decomposers) (total unit) & PwPt   &   Narrative-Simulated Journal (Sci-Survival & Extinction) [none received]

Williams, Melisa:  Informational-Report (SS-Slavery) (total unit)  &  PwPt & Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS-Slavery)

* Altman, Chassidy: Narrative-Short Story (SS-Leaders of the American Revolution) (total unit) & PwPt & Informational-Collaborative Report (Sci- The Planets)

Carden, Tessa: Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS-Native American Cultures) (total unit) & PwPt

Crawford, Katrina: Narrative-Short Story (SS-Seminoles) (total unit) & PwPt

House, Tiffany: Narrative-Short Story (Sci-Water Cycle) (total unit) & PwPt & Informational-Collaborative Report (Sci-Water Cycle)

Carmichael, Heather: Informational-Report (Sci-Weather) (total unit)  &  PwPt

Fifth Grade Writing Units

* Sutz, Ty:  Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS-Civil War) (total unit) & PwPt &   Informational-Biography (SS-Civil War)

* Harden, Kimile:  Informational-Brochure (SS-US Geography) (total unit) & PwPt & Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS-US Geography)

Hargrove, Najakka:  Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS-Civil Rights Movement) (total unit) & PwPt   &   Informational-Reference Book (SS-Civil Rights Movement)

Sixth Grade Writing Units

* Brasher, Ami: Narrative-Simulated Journal (SS-Cuban Citizenship) (total unit) & PwPt  & Informational-Newspaper Article (SS-Cortes & the Aztecs)

Warren, Tiffanie: Narrative (Sci-Water Cycle) (total unit) & PwPt  &   Informational-Letter (Sci-Planet Earth)