The Mypages server is the place for personal sites at VSU. All faculty, staff,
and students have access to this server.

How do I get an account?

All you need to access your Mypages website space are your Active Directory username and password. You can visit the Active Directory page for more information. There is no need to apply for the account.

Where will my Mypages site be located?

Your Mypages website will be located at:

Where "username" will be your Active Directory username.

How do I connect to edit my website?

VSU IT Helpdesk provides tutorials on how to SFTP into your Mypages website using several different programs.

You can find those tutorials here: Mypages Information

How do I start working on my website?

There are many resources and guides on how to create and edit your websites. Atomic Learning provides tutorials for web editing software.

What about the other servers?

Eventually, the other servers (chiron/teach, coefaculty, www) will not be used for faculty, staff, and student websites. It is recommended that all new sites be made on Mypages, and that older pages be moved to Mypages.