Tufted Puffins, St. Paul Island (Pribilofs), July 1993

Crested Auklets, St. Paul Isl., June 1999

Red-faced Cormorants (&Thick-billed Murre),
St. Paul Isl., June 1999

Parakeet Auklet, St. Paul Island

Wood Sandpiper, St. Paul Isl., June 1999

Gray-tailed Tattler, St. Paul Isl.,
June 1999

Wandering Tattler, Denali Nat Park,
Tattler Creek, July 1989

Surfbird, Nome, June 1993

American Golden-Plover, Nome, June 1993

Semipal- mated Plover, Nome, June 1993

male Brambling, Gambell,
St. Lawrence Island, May 1999

male Snow Bunting,
St. Paul Isl., June 1999

Three-toed Woodpecker, Kenai Peninsula, Chugach Nat. For.,
June 1999

Horned Puffin, St. Paul Isl., July 1993

Rock Ptarmigan, winter plumage, Nome, late May 1999

Willow Ptarmigan: molting male (l), summer fem. (r), Nome, late May 1999

White-tailed Ptarmigan, molting male; (although native to
Denali NP, photo is from Glacier NP, Montana)


Background Photo: from air over Prince William Sound, looking NW at 11 pm
in early June; Mts. McKinley & Foraker are on horizon, about 200 miles distant

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