Date: 28 April 2001 TAKE-HOME ESSAYS FOR LAST EXAM (DUE AT FINAL EXAM TIME). 5 points each. 1) Discuss at least 5 ways that wetlands are beneficial to the supply (i.e., quantity and quality) of freshwater (ground and surface). 2) Is flooding a pathological state that needs to be fixed by building dams and reservoirs, or is it a natural and necessary part of a river's ecological cycle? Whichever way you answer, list all of the negative consequences (of building, or not building, dams). 3) What do you believe are your obligations as an individual to ensure that Earth's Biosphere retains its capacity to nourish and provide with a high quality of life future generations both of people and of other species on Earth? What is the appropriate role of government in accomplishing this same goal? Be specific. 4) Why do you think rates of breast and other cancers are so high, and why is our society not doing all it can to bring these rates down (see "Cancer, Inc." article)? ***Click here for copy of article***
TAKE-HOME ESSAYS FOR 2ND TEST (March 7, 2001): "Critical Thinking" Question # 6 (Chapter 4); # 10 (Chapter 5); # 3 (Chapter 6). Each of the above essays will be worth 4 points. For the fourth Take-home Essay (6 points), answer the question at the bottom of the class handout from Feb. 28, about David Quammen's article (#13; "Planet of Weeds"). Bring the 4 essays ready to hand in on the day of the exam.

Date: 4 February 2001

TAKE-HOME ESSAYS FOR TEST 1 (due at Test time, Wed., Feb. 7):

"Critical Thinking" Question # 7 (Chapter 1);
"Critical Thinking" Questions # 8 and #11 (Chapter 2);
"Critical Thinking" Questions # 2 and # 6* (Chapter 3)
*(in answering #6, take your lead from lessons learned in "Case Studies," section 3-4)

Each of the above essays will be worth 4 points. Print neatly or type

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