Birds seen (and heard only) in Southeastern Arizona May 12-19, 1998.
                          Brad Bergstrom

                                Abundance Code*    Locality Codes**         

Podicipedidae (grebes)                             
 Eared Grebe                          2            TW

Ardeidae (herons)
 Great Blue Heron                     3            TW,SP
 Great Egret                          1            TW
Anatidae (ducks, geese)
 Black-bellied Whistling-Duck         F            PP                           
 Blue-winged Teal                     F            TW
 Mallard                              F            TW,CP
 Gadwall                              2            TW
 Ruddy Duck                           C            TW
 Lesser Scaup                         C            TW
Ciconiidae (New World vultures, storks)
 Turkey Vulture                       A            all locations
 Black Vulture                        F            PP,PR
Falconiformes (hawks, falcons)
 Golden Eagle                         1+           RC (nest w/ chick)
 Northern Harrier                     1            TW
 Sharp-shinned Hawk                   1            CP                       
 Cooper's Hawk                        1            CP
 Red-tailed Hawk                      C            CP,CM,FH,SR,SC
 Swainson's Hawk                      3            FW,CD
 Harris's Hawk                        2            SC
 *Gray Hawk                           3            PP,PR
 American Kestrel                     3            SP,PP
 Peregrine Falcon                     2            CP                        

Galliformes (upland game birds)
 Wild Turkey                          3            RC                        
 Gambel's Quail                       A            all elev. below 6000  
 Scaled Quail                         F            CD,SR                      
Rallidae (rails, coots)
 Common Moorhen                       F            TW
 American Coot                        F            TW

Charadriiformes (shorebirds)
 Killdeer                             F            TW
 American Avocet                      3            TW
 Spotted Sandpiper                    2            TW
 Long-billed Dowitcher                F            TW
 Willet                               3            TW
 Wilson's Phalarope                   4            TW
Columbidae (doves)
 Rock Dove                            C            TW
 Mourning Dove                        A            all localities
 White-winged Dove                    A            TW,CD,CP,FH,PR,PP,SR,SC
 Inca Dove                            C            TW,PP,CP,SR
 Common Ground-Dove                   F            PP,TW

Coccyzidae (New World Cuckoos)
 Greater Roadrunner                   3            TW,CD
Tytonidae (owls)
 Elf Owl                              2            SR
 (Flammulated Owl)                    3            CM
 Great Horned Owl                     3            CP,CD,SR
 Western Screech Owl                  F            CP,FH
 (Whiskered Screech Owl)              F            SR
Caprimulgidae (goatsuckers)
 Lesser Nighthawk                     C            TW,CD,SR
 (Poorwill)                           1            RC
 Whip-poor-will                       C            CP,CM,FH,SR
Apodiformes (swifts, hummingbirds)
 White-throated Swift                 A            all mountain ranges
 Anna's Hummingbird                   F            TW,PP,SR                   
 Black-chinned Hummingbird            C            TW,CP,RC,PP,SC             
 Blue-throated Hummingbird            C            CP,RC,SR                   
 Broad-billed Hummingbird             F            TW,PP,SR                   
 Broad-tailed Hummingbird             A            TW,CP,CM,FH,RC,SR,SC
 Costa's Hummingbird                  2            SR                         
 Magnificent Hummingbird              C            CP,RC,SC,SR                
 *Violet-crowned Hummingbird          3            PP
 *White-eared Hummingbird             2            RC

Trogoniformes (trogons...)
 Elegant Trogon                       F            CP,FH,RC,SR
Picidae (woodpeckers)
 Acorn Woodpecker                     A            all mtn. ranges + desert 
 Gila Woodpecker                      F            TW,CD,PP,FH,SR             
 Hairy Woodpecker                     F            CM,SC                      
 Ladder-backed Woodpecker             F            PP,SR                      
 Northern (Red-shafted) Flicker       C            most locations
 Gilded Flicker                       2            PP
Tyrannidae (flycatchers)
 Brown-crested Flycatcher             F            CP,FH,PP,SR      
 Ash-throated Flycatcher              C            CD,CP,FH,PP,PR,SR,SP       
 Dusky-capped Flycatcher              C            CP,FH,RC,SR                
 Hammond's Flycatcher                 1            SP                         
 Cordilleran Flycatcher               C            CM,FH,SR,SC      
 Vermilion Flycatcher                 C            TW,CD,SP,PP,PR,SC,SR       
 Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher           F            FH,RC,SR                   
 *Buff-breasted Flycatcher            3            FH
 *Northern Beardless Tyrannulet       2            PP,SR
 Western Wood-pewee                   C            CP,CM,FH,RC,SR,SC          
 Greater Pewee                        C            FH,RC,SR,SC
 Black Phoebe                         F            CP,SR                      
 Say's Phoebe                         C            CP,TW,SP,SR                
 Cassin's Kingbird                    C            CM,FH,SR,SC,SP             
 Western Kingbird                     C            TW,CD,CP                   
 Thick-billed Kingbird                3            PP,PR
Alaudidae (larks)
 Horned Lark                          2            TW
Hirudinidae (swallows)
 Purple Martin                        2            TW 
 Barn Swallow                         C            TW,SP,PP,CD,CP
 Northern Rough-winged Swallow        F            SP
 Violet-green Swallow                 C            CM,FH,RC,SC
Corvidae (jays, crows)
 Steller's Jay                        F            CM,FH,SR,SC
 Mexican Jay                          A            all mtn. ranges
 Western Scrub Jay                    1            FH
 Common Raven                         C            all mtn. ranges
 Chihuahuan Raven                     C            TW,CD,SP
Paridae (chickadees)
 *Mexican Chickadee                   F            CM
 Bridled Titmouse                     C            TW,CD,CP,FH,RC,PP,PR,SP,SR
 Juniper Titmouse                     1            CP
 Verdin                               F            CD,TW,SR
Sittidae (nuthatches)
 White-breasted Nuthatch              C            CP,CM,SP,PP,SR
 Pygmy Nuthatch                       C            CM,SC

 Common Bushtit                       4            RC

Certhiidae (creepers,gnatcatchers)
 Brown Creeper                        C            CM,FH,SR,SC,SP
 Black-tailed Gnatcatcher             1            TW
Troglodytidae (wrens)
 Bewick's Wren                        C            TW,CM,CP,FH,SR,SC,SP
 Cactus Wren                          C            TW,CD,CP,SR,SC,SP
 Canyon Wren                          C            CP,CM,FH,SR
 House Wren                           F            RC
 Rock Wren                            2            PR (5 mi SW)
Sylviidae (kinglets)
 Ruby-crowned Kinglet                 2            RC
Muscicapidae (true thrushes)
 Western Bluebird                     F            CM
 Hermit Thrush                        C            CP,CM,FH,SR,SC
 American Robin                       A            all localities
Sturnidae (mimic thrushes, starlings)
 Northern Mockingbird                 C            TW,SR,PP,CD,SR
 Bendire's Thrasher                   2            CD
 Curve-billed Thrasher                C            TW,CD,CP,FH,SR,SP
 Crissal Thrasher                     2            CD
 European Starling                    C            TW,CP,SP,PP,SR
Bombycillidae (waxwings,silky flycatchers)
 Cedar Waxwing                        C            CP,CM,FH,SR
 Phainopepla                          C            TW,PP,PR,SC,SR               
Laniidae (shrikes)
 Loggerhead Shrike                    1            SP
Vireonidae (vireos)
 Bell's Vireo                         C            FH,RC,PP,SR,SC
 Gray Vireo                           1            FH
 Hutton's Vireo                       F            PP,PR,SR
 Plumbeous Vireo                      A            all mtn. ranges
 Warbling Vireo                       C            CM,FH,SR,PP,SC

 Emberizinae/Parulini (wood warblers)
  Black-throated Gray Warbler         F            FH,SR                        
  Grace's Warbler                     C            FH,CM,SR,SC                  
  Lucy's Warbler                      F            PP,PR,SR                     
  *Olive Warbler                      C            CM,SC
  Orange-crowned Warbler              1            PR                           
  Red-faced Warbler                   C            CM,RC,FH,SR,SC               
  Virginia's Warbler                  F            RC,SR
  Wilson's Warbler                    C            CP,CM,RC,PP,SR,SC
  Yellow Warbler                      F            SP,PP
  Yellow-rumped Warbler               C            CP,CM,FH,RC,SR,SC            
  Common Yellowthroat                 C            TW,PP,SP
  Yellow-breasted Chat                F            PP,SP
  Painted Redstart                    A            all mtn. ranges
 Emberizinae/Thraupini (tanagers)
  Summer Tanager                      C            CP,FH,SR,SC
  Hepatic Tanager                     F            CM,FH
  Western Tanager                     C            CP,CM,FH,RC,SR,SC         
  Northern Cardinal                   C            CP,FH,PP,TW,SP,SR
  Pyrrhuloxia                         F            TW,PR,PP,PR,SC
  Black-headed Grosbeak               A            all mtn. ranges
 Emberizinae/Icterini (blackbirds, orioles)
  Eastern Meadowlark                  F            SP
  Great-tailed Grackle                C            TW,CD,SR,PP,SP
  Red-winged Blackbird                C            TW,SP,PP,CP
  Brewer's Blackbird                  F            TW
  Brown-headed Cowbird                C            TW,CD,CP,CM,FH,SR,SC,SP
  Bronzed Cowbird                     3            CP
  Bullock's Oriole                    C            TW,CP,RC,PP,PR,SR,SP
  Scott's Oriole                      F            CD,CP,SR
  Hooded Oriole                       F            CP,SC                    

 Emberizinae/Emberizini (sparrows, buntings, longspurs...)
  Spotted Towhee                      C            CP,FH,RC,SR,SC
  Canyon Towhee                       C            CD,CP,FH,SR,SC
  Abert's Towhee                      C            SP,PP,PR,SR
  Black-throated Sparrow              F            CD,SR
  *Botteri's Sparrow                  1            SR
  Rufous-crowned Sparrow              F            TW,PR
  *Rufous-winged Sparrow              2            TW
  Song Sparrow                        C            all elev. below 6000
  White-crowned Sparrow               3            PP,sp
  Yellow-eyed Junco                   A            all mtn. ranges
  Chipping Sparrow                    F            PP
  Lark Sparrow                        F            SR
  Blue Grosbeak                       F            CP,TW
  Lark Bunting                        F            TW
  Lazuli Bunting                      F            CP,SR
  Pine Siskin                         F            CP,SC
 Fringillinae/Carduelini (finches, crossbills)
  House Finch                         A            all elev. below 6000
  American Goldfinch                  F            CP,FH,SC
  Lesser Goldfinch                    F            TW,PP,SR

  House Sparrow                       C            TW,CP,FH


*Abundance Codes:  1,2,3 = just that;  F (fairly common) = 4-10;  
C (common) = 10 to 20 or so;  A (abundant) = 25+ 

**Locality Codes & [# of days]
   TW = Tucson-Willcox (incl. Sonoran Desert, agric., sewage ponds)  [1]
   CD = Chihuahuan Desert-scrub (immediately east of Portal)  [.5] 
   CP = Chiricahuas/Portal, including Cave Creek  [1.75]
   CM = Chiricahua Mtns. (higher elevations, including Rustler/Barfoot, 
          Pinery)  [1]
   FH = Ft. Huachuca, including Garden, Scheelite, & Sawmill Canyons.  [1]
   RC = Ramsey Canyon, from entrance road to upper elevations  [.75]
   PP = Patagonia Preserve (including town and Paton's)  [.75] 
   PR = Patagonia Roadside Rest  [.25]
   SR = Santa Rita Mtns.: Madera Canyon road, Boot Spring cmpgd., Boot 
          Spring, Florida Wash and desert approaches  [.7]
   SC = Santa Catalina Hwy. (up Mt. Lemmon)  [.5]
   SP = San Pedro River preserve, east of Sierra Vista        

Remarks:  900 miles driven from 12-19 May.  168 species total.  

Mammals seen:  AZ White-tailed Deer, Coatimundi, Ringtail, Coyote, Gray Fox, 
Striped Skunk, several bat spp., Desert Cottontail, Black-tailed Jackrabbit, 
Mexican Ground Squirrel, Rock Squirrel, Cliff Chipmunk, Antelope Ground 
Squirrel, AZ Gray Squirrel, Abert's Squirrel. 

Reptiles seen:  AZ Mtn. Kingsnake;  Lizards: Chuckwalla, Zebratail, Lesser 
Earless, Desert Side-blotched, Desert Spiny, Yarrow's Spiny, Tree, Bunchgrass, 
Sonoran Spotted Whiptail.

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