Some Birds of Taiwan

Copyright 2007-08 by B.J. Bergstrom (click on highlighted names for photos) Little Egret Intermediate Egret Black-crowned Night-Heron (adult) Black-crowned Night-Heron (imm.) Malayan Night-Heron Chinese Pond Heron Gray Heron Black-faced Spoonbill Black-faced Spoonbill (large flock) Red-crowned Crane Red-crowned Cranes in flight Crested Goshawk Oriental Honey Buzzard (captive) Pallid Harrier Common Kestrel Saunders Gull Black-winged Stilt Little Ringed Plover Pacific Golden-Plover Pacific Golden-Plover in flight Common Redshank Wood Sandpiper Common Kingfisher Red Collared Dove Spotted Dove Oriental Turtle Dove Collared Scops-Owl Black-browed Barbet Black Bulbul Chinese Bulbul Taiwan Bulbul Taiwan Laughing-Thrush Steere's Liocichla Bronzed Drongo European Nuthatch Japanese Whiteye Gray-backed Starling Gray-throated Minivet, female Gray-throated Minivet, male Vivid Niltava Brown Shrike (female) Streak-breasted Scimitar-Babbler Oriental Skylark Collared Finchbill Gray Wagtail Himalayan Treepie Formosan Blue Magpie Black-throated Tit Green-backed Tit Taiwan Tit Varied Tit Penduline Tit Strong-footed Bush Warbler Plumbeous Redstart Ferruginous Flycatcher Collared Bush Robin Plain Thrush Red-bellied Thrush Dusky Thrush Blue Rock Thrush (female) Vinaceous Rosefinch (female) European Tree Sparrow Alpine Accentor

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