Birds seen on Ornithology Class Fieldtrip to central and south Florida, 
13-17 April 2001. 
                                       DAYS : LOCALITIES*
                              1:K/S    2:E/Y   3:P/T  4:T/P/Y  5:Y/E

Pied-billed Grebe               K       E                                     
Northern Gannet                                 P       P
Masked Booby                                    T       T
American White Pelican          K       E                                     
Brown Pelican                   S      E,Y      T      T,Y      Y
Double-crested Cormorant        K      E,Y     P,T    T,P,Y    Y,E
Anhinga                         K       E                      Y,E
Masked Booby                                    T       T
Northern Gannet                                 P       P
Magnificent Frigatebird                 Y       T      T,Y      Y
Great Blue Heron               K,S      E                       E              
   Great White Heron                   E,Y              Y       Y              
Cattle Egret                   K,S      E                       Y           
Great Egret                    K,S     E,Y              Y      Y,E          
Snowy Egret                    K,S     E,Y                                  
Reddish Egret                           Y                                   
Little Blue Heron               K       E                       Y           
Tricolored Heron                        E                      Y,E          
Black-crowned Night-Heron               E                                   
[Yellow-crowned Night-Heron?]                   T                             
Green Heron                     K       E       T              Y,E   
White Ibis                     K,S                             Y,E          
Glossy Ibis                     K                              Y,E          
Roseate Spoonbill                       E                       Y           
Wood Stork                              E                       E           
Black Vulture                  K,S     E,Y                     Y,E
Turkey Vulture                 K,S     E,Y                     Y,E  
Fulvous Whistling-Duck          K
{Muscovy Duck (feral)}          K
Blue-winged Teal                K                                           
Mottled Duck                    K                               E
Ring-necked Duck                K
Red-breasted Merganser                                          Y
Osprey                         K,S      Y       P              Y,E
Snail Kite                      K
Swallow-tailed Kite                     E                       Y
Bald Eagle                      K
Red-shouldered Hawk             K       E       T
Red-tailed Hawk                 K
American Kestrel                                T       T
Merlin                                          T       T
Peregrine Falcon                                T       T
Crested Caracara                K                                           
Wild Turkey                     K                                           
(Northern Bobwhite)             K                                              
Purple Gallinule                        E                                      
Common Moorhen                  K       E                                   
American Coot                   K                               E             
Limpkin                                                         E             
Sandhill Crane                  K
American Golden-Plover                          T       T
Black-bellied Plover                    Y       T       T       Y             
Semipalmated Plover                     Y                                     
(Killdeer)                      K                                               
Black-necked Stilt              K                               Y             
Greater Yellowlegs              K                       Y                     
Lesser Yellowlegs               K                                             
Solitary Sandpiper                                              Y             
Spotted Sandpiper                                       T
[Least Sandpiper]               K                                               
Sanderling                              Y                                     
Short-billed Dowitcher                  K                                     
Long-billed Dowitcher           K                                             
Willet                                  Y       T               Y             
Ruddy Turnstone                         Y       T       T
Pomarine Jaeger                                         P
Laughing Gull                           Y       T       T       Y
Herring Gull                                    T       T
Ring-billed Gull                K                               Y
Caspian Tern                    K
Royal Tern                              Y       T       T       Y
Forster's Tern                  K                               Y
Least Tern                                      Y       Y
[?Roseate Tern?]                                        P
Sooty Tern                                      T       T
Brown Noddy                                     T       T
Black Skimmer                   K
Rock Dove                       K                              Y,E
White-crowned Pigeon                                    Y
Common Ground-Dove              K       E               Y
Eurasian Collared Dove         K,S      Y               Y       Y
Mourning Dove                  K,S     E,Y      T      T,Y     Y,E
White-winged Dove                       E
Monk Parakeet                   K
Yellow-billed Cuckoo                            T       T
Burrowing Owl                                                   Y
Common Nighthawk                                               Y,E
Chuck-will's Widow                                      T
Chimney Swift                   K 
Belted Kingfisher               K       E               T       E             
Downy Woodpecker                K                                             
(Pileated Woodpecker)                   E                                       
Red-bellied Woodpecker         K,S     E,Y                     Y,E            
Red-cockaded Woodpecker         K                                             
Northern Flicker                K       E
Great-crested Flycatcher       K,S      E                       Y             
[Eastern Kingbird]              K                                               
Gray Kingbird                           E       T       T                     
Western Kingbird                        E                                     
Loggerhead Shrike               K                              SE               
Black-whiskered Vireo                          [T]              Y
(White-eyed Vireo)             K,S      E                       Y
Blue Jay                        K  
American Crow                   K       E
Fish Crow                       K       E
Purple Martin                   K  
N. Rough-winged Swallow                         T       T
Barn Swallow                                    T       T
Cave Swallow                                                   SE
[Tree Swallow]                  K    
(Carolina Chickadee)            K    
(Tufted Titmouse)               K    
Brown-headed Nuthatch           K  
Carolina Wren                   S       E
(Marsh Wren)                    K    
Eastern Bluebird               (K)                              E
[Gray-cheeked Thrush]                          [T]
Gray Catbird                            E       T       T       Y               
Northern Mockingbird           K,S                      Y       Y               
Brown Thrasher                          E                                       
European Starling              K,S                      Y       Y
Cedar Waxwing                  K,S      E                                       
Black-and-white Warbler                 E       T       T                       
Black-throated Green Warbler            E       T       T
Cape May Warbler                                        T                       
Palm Warbler                            E       T       T                       
Pine Warbler                    K       E                       E               
Prairie Warbler                        E,Y      T       T       Y               
Worm-eating Warbler                     E
Yellow-rumped Warbler                                   T       Y               
(Yellow-throated Warbler)       K      
Northern Parula                         E                       Y               
Common Yellowthroat            (K)      E               T
American Redstart                       E       T       T                     
Ovenbird                                                T
Northern Waterthrush                                    T
Summer Tanager                                  T
Eastern Towhee                 (K)      E
Bachman's Sparrow               K    
Savannah Sparrow                K 
Northern Cardinal              K,S                              Y
Indigo Bunting                                  T       T
Bobolink                                        T
Eastern Meadowlark              K    
Common Grackle                  K       E                       E
Boat-tailed Grackle            K,S     E,Y              Y      Y,E
Red-winged Blackbird            K       E                       E
House Sparrow                  K,S                             Y,E

        Locality Codes:  K = Kissimmee Prairie region (Kissimmee -> 
Okeechobee);  E = Everglades Nat. Park;  Y = Florida Keys;  P = pelagic (more 
than 5 miles from land, between Key West & Ft. Jefferson);  T = Dry Tortugas 
(Ft. Jefferson);  S or SE = southeast FL coast (Jupiter -> Cutler Ridge)

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