North American (ABA Area) Birds Seen in 2001 -- B.J. Bergstrom

I saw the following 527 species primarily during year-long birding in Georgia and
Florida, and on special trips to the following states:  Alaska (9 days in May/June),
Wyoming (1 week in June), Colorado/Utah (2 days June + 3 days July), Arizona (8 days July),
Texas (6 days December).  Those 8 states accounted for 522 species; the remaining 5 were
seen, one each, on short visits to:  North Carolina, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and

Common Loon                             4 loons
Yellow-billed Loon 
Pacific Loon                                                                
Red-throated Loon                                                           

Eared Grebe                             all 7 grebes
Horned Grebe                                                                
Pied-billed Grebe                                                           
-Least Grebe
Red-necked Grebe                                                            
Western Grebe                                                               
Clark's Grebe                                                               

Northern Gannet
Masked Booby 

Magnificent Frigatebird                                                     

American White Pelican                                                      
Brown Pelican                                                               
Double-crested Cormorant                                                    
Pelagic Cormorant                                                           
-Neotropic Cormorant                                                           


American Bittern                                                            
Great Blue Heron                                                            
Cattle Egret                                                                
Great Egret                                                                 
Snowy Egret                                                                 
Reddish Egret                                                               
Little Blue Heron                                                           
Tricolored Heron                                                            
Black-crowned Night-Heron                                                   
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron                                                  
Green Heron                                                          

White Ibis                                                                  
Glossy Ibis                                                                 
White-faced Ibis                                                            
Roseate Spoonbill                                                           
Wood Stork                                                                  

Trumpeter Swan                          40 spp. waterfowl = all regular breeding
Tundra Swan                             species except Amer. Black Duck  
Canada Goose                            (including all swans, geese, eiders)
Snow/Blue Goose                                                             
-Ross's Goose
Greater White-fronted Goose                                                 
Black-bellied Whistling Duck                                                
Fulvous Whistling-Duck                                                      
Wood Duck                                                                   
Green-winged Teal                                                           
Blue-winged Teal                                                            
Cinnamon Teal                    
Mottled Duck                     
Northern Pintail 
Northern Shoveler                
American Wigeon
Ring-necked Duck                 
Ruddy Duck                       
Common Goldeneye                 
Barrow's Goldeneye               
Common Merganser                 
Red-breasted Merganser           
Hooded Merganser                 
Harlequin Duck                   
Greater Scaup                    
Lesser Scaup                     
Black (Common) Scoter            
Surf Scoter                      
White-winged Scoter              
Common Eider
King Eider                       
Spectacled Eider
Steller's Eider 

Black Vulture                    
Turkey Vulture                   

Osprey                                  28 spp. raptors= all regular breeders
Snail Kite                              except Short-tailed Hawk, Gyrfalcon
Mississippi Kite                 
Swallow-tailed Kite              
White-tailed Kite            
Hook-billed Kite
Bald Eagle                       
Golden Eagle                     
Northern Harrier                 
Sharp-shinned Hawk               
Cooper's Hawk                    
Northern Goshawk                 
Broad-winged Hawk                
Red-shouldered Hawk              
Red-tailed Hawk                  
Rough-legged Hawk                
White-tailed Hawk
Harris's Hawk
Swainson's Hawk                  
Ferruginous Hawk                 
Gray Hawk 
Common Black-Hawk 
Zone-tailed Hawk 
American Kestrel                 
Peregrine Falcon                 
Prairie Falcon                   
Crested Caracara                                                            

Ruffed Grouse (10/20, NC)
Willow Ptarmigan 
Rock Ptarmigan                                                              
Wild Turkey                                                                 
Northern Bobwhite                                                            
Gambel's Quail                                                               

Plain Chachalaca

Clapper Rail
King Rail 
(Virginia Rail) 
Purple Gallinule                                                               
Common Moorhen                                                              
American Coot                                                                 


Sandhill Crane                                                                
Whooping Crane

Black-bellied Plover                    46 spp. shorebirds
American (Lesser) Golden Plover 
Pacific (Lesser) Golden Plover
Snowy Plover                                                                  
Wilson's Plover                                                               
Semipalmated Plover                                                           
Piping Plover                                                                 
Mountain Plover                                                             
American Oystercatcher                                                        
Black-necked Stilt                                                            
American Avocet                                                               
Greater Yellowlegs                                                            
Lesser Yellowlegs                                                             
Least Sandpiper                                                               
Pectoral Sandpiper                                                            
Baird's Sandpiper
Purple Sandpiper
Rock Sandpiper
Semipalmated Sandpiper                                                        
Solitary Sandpiper                                                            
Spotted Sandpiper                                                               
Stilt Sandpiper
Western Sandpiper                                                             
White-rumped Sandpiper                                                        
Rufous-necked Stint
Wood Sandpiper 
Short-billed Dowitcher                                                        
Long-billed Dowitcher                                                         
Long-billed Curlew                                                            
Wandering Tattler                
Ruddy Turnstone                  
Black Turnstone                  
Red Knot                         
Bar-tailed Godwit                
Marbled Godwit                   
Common Snipe                     
American Woodcock                
Wilson's Phalarope               
Red-necked Phalarope             
Red Phalarope 

Parasitic Jaeger                        34 spp. larids
Pomarine Jaeger                  
Long-tailed Jaeger               
Laughing Gull                    
Herring Gull                     
Bonaparte's Gull                 
California Gull                  
Franklin's Gull                  
Glaucous Gull                    
Glaucous-winged Gull             
Ivory Gull 
Ross's Gull (5-31-01)
Great Black-backed Gull        
Lesser Black-backed Gull 
Heermann's Gull                  
Mew Gull                         
Ring-billed Gull                 
Sabine's Gull                    
Slaty-backed Gull
Black-legged Kittiwake
Aleutian Tern                    
Arctic Tern                      
Black Tern                       
Caspian Tern                     
Common Tern                      
Forster's Tern                   
Gull-billed Tern
Least Tern                       
Royal Tern                       
Sandwich Tern                    
Roseate Tern 
Sooty Tern 
Brown Noddy 
Black Skimmer                    

Common Murre                     
Thick-billed Murre               
Pigeon Guillemot                 
Black Guillemot
Parakeet Auklet                  
Crested Auklet
Least Auklet
Marbled Murrelet
Ancient Murrelet
Tufted Puffin                    
Horned Puffin                    

Rock Dove                               9 of 10 regular columbids
White-crowned Pigeon             
Common Ground Dove               
Mourning Dove                    
Eurasian Collared Dove
White-winged Dove                
-White-tipped Dove
Band-tailed Pigeon               
Inca Dove                        

Monk Parakeet
Green Parakeet
Budgerigar (3-24-01)

Yellow-billed Cuckoo             
Greater Roadrunner                

Elf Owl
(Western Screech Owl)               
(Whiskered Screech Owl)             
Eastern Screech Owl               
Barred Owl                        
Burrowing Owl                     
Great Horned Owl                  
Short-eared Owl                   
Barn Owl

Common Nighthawk                  
Lesser Nighthawk                  
Chuck-will's Widow                

Chimney Swift                           all 4 swifts
White-throated Swift              
Vaux's Swift                                                                  
Black Swift                                                                   

Anna's Hummingbird                      12 spp. hummers
Black-chinned Hummingbird                                                     
Blue-throated Hummingbird                                                     
Broad-billed Hummingbird                                                      
Costa's Hummingbird                                                           
Magnificent Hummingbird                                                       
Rufous Hummingbird                                                            
Violet-crowned Hummingbird (5-17-98)
Berylline Hummingbird (7-12-01)
Buff-bellied Hummingbird 
Ruby-throated Hummingbird                                                     
Broad-tailed Hummingbird

Belted Kingfisher                       all 3 kingfishers
Green Kingfisher
Ringed Kingfisher

Downy Woodpecker                        16 woodpeckers
Hairy Woodpecker                                                              
Pileated Woodpecker                                                           
Red-bellied Woodpecker                                                        
Golden-fronted Woodpecker
Red-cockaded Woodpecker                                                       
Red-headed Woodpecker                                                         
Northern Flicker 
Acorn Woodpecker                                                              
Strickland's (Arizona) Woodpecker                                             
Gila Woodpecker                                                               
Hairy Woodpecker                                                              
Ladder-backed Woodpecker                                                      
Williamson's Sapsucker                                                        
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker                                             
Red-naped Sapsucker                                                           

Great-Crested Flycatcher                28 spp. tyrant flycatchers
Brown-Crested Flycatcher                                            
Ash-throated Flycatcher                                                       
Dusky-capped Flycatcher                                                       
Great Kiskadee
Acadian Flycatcher                                                            
Dusky Flycatcher                                                              
Least Flycatcher                                                              
Olive-sided Flycatcher                                                        
Willow Flycatcher                                                           
Cordilleran (Western) Flycatcher                                              
Vermilion Flycatcher                                                         
Eastern Wood-pewee                                                            
Western Wood-pewee                                                            
Greater Pewee 
Eastern Phoebe                                                                
Say's Phoebe                                                                  
Black Phoebe                                                                  
Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher                                                    
Buff-breasted Flycatcher 
Northern Beardless Tyrannulet (AZ & TX)
Cassin's Kingbird                                                             
Thick-billed Kingbird 
Eastern Kingbird                                                              
Gray Kingbird                                                                 
Western Kingbird                                                              
Tropical Kingbird (11/17, St. Marks, FL)
Couch's Kingbird

Horned Lark                        

Purple Martin                           all 8 swallows
Bank Swallow                       
Barn Swallow                       
Cliff Swallow                      
Cave Swallow 
Northern Rough-winged Swallow      
Tree Swallow                       
Violet-green Swallow               

Blue Jay                                16 of 19 corvids
Green Jay
Brown Jay
Gray Jay                           
Steller's Jay                      
Gray-breasted (Mexican) Jay        
Pinyon Jay                         
Western Scrub Jay
Florida Scrub Jay (12/31)
Clark's Nutcracker                 
Black-billed Magpie                
American Crow                      
Fish Crow                          
Northwestern Crow                  
Common Raven                       
Chihuahuan (White-necked) Raven    

Black-capped Chickadee             
Carolina Chickadee                 
Mountain Chickadee                 
Mexican Chickadee 
Bridled Titmouse                   
Juniper (Plain) Titmouse                     
Tufted Titmouse                    

Common Bushtit                     

Red-breasted Nuthatch                   all 4 nuthatches
White-breasted Nuthatch            
Pygmy Nuthatch                     
Brown-headed Nuthatch              

Brown Creeper                      

Carolina Wren                           all 9 wrens
House Wren 
Marsh Wren                         
Rock Wren                          
Sedge Wren                         
Winter Wren                        
Bewick's Wren                      
Cactus Wren                        
Canyon Wren                        

American Dipper  (ID)                    

Golden-crowned Kinglet             
Ruby-crowned Kinglet               
Arctic Warbler                     
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher              
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher 

Northern Wheatear                  
Eastern Bluebird                   
Mountain Bluebird                  
Western Bluebird                   
Townsend's Solitaire               
Wood Thrush 
Hermit Thrush                      
Swainson's Thrush                                                               
Gray-cheeked Thrush                                                             
Varied Thrush                                                                   
American Robin                                                                  

Gray Catbird                            7 mimic thrushes
Northern Mockingbird                                                            
Blue Mockingbird
Brown Thrasher                                                                  
Long-billed Thrasher
Bendire's Thrasher  (NM)
Curve-billed Thrasher                                                           

Yellow Wagtail
American Pipit
Sprague's Pipit

Cedar Waxwing                                                                   

Loggerhead Shrike                                                               

European Starling

Red-eyed Vireo                          10 vireos
Black-whiskered Vireo 
Blue-headed (Solitary) Vireo 
Plumbeous (Solitary) Vireo 
Warbling Vireo                                                                  
Bell's Vireo                                                                    
Hutton's Vireo                                                                  
White-eyed Vireo                                                                
Yellow-throated Vireo                                                           
Philadelphia Vireo 

Bay-breasted Warbler 	                41 wood warblers
Black-and-white Warbler                                                         
Blackburnian Warbler 
Blackpoll Warbler                                                               
Black-throated Blue Warbler                                                     
Black-throated Green Warbler
Blue-winged Warbler 
Canada Warbler 
Cape May Warbler                                                                
Cerulean Warbler 
Chestnut-sided Warbler 
Golden-winged Warbler 
Hooded Warbler                                                                  
MacGillivray's Warbler                                                          
Magnolia Warbler                                                                
Orange-crowned Warbler                                                          
Palm Warbler                                                                    
Pine Warbler                                                                    
Prairie Warbler                                                                 
Prothonotary Warbler                                                            
Swainson's Warbler
Tennessee Warbler                                                               
Townsend's Warbler                                                              
Wilson's Warbler                     
Worm-eating Warbler                  
Yellow Warbler                       
Yellow-rumped Warbler   (Audubon's and Myrtle)
Yellow-throated Warbler              
Northern Parula                                                                 
Tropical Parula
Lucy's Warbler                                                                  
Grace's Warbler                                                                 
Olive Warbler 
Red-faced Warbler                                                               
Virginia's Warbler                   
Common Yellowthroat                  
American Redstart                    
Painted Redstart                     
Louisiana Waterthrush                
Northern Waterthrush                 

Summer Tanager                       
Scarlet Tanager 
Western Tanager
Hepatic Tanager                      

Northern Cardinal                    

Pine Grosbeak                        
Black-headed Grosbeak                
Blue Grosbeak                        
Indigo Bunting                       
Lazuli Bunting                       
Varied Bunting                       
Lark Bunting                         
Eastern Meadowlark                   
Western Meadowlark                   

Common Grackle                          16 icterids
Great-tailed Grackle                 
Boat-tailed Grackle                  
Brown-headed Cowbird                 
Bronzed Cowbird                      
Hooded Oriole                        
Bullock's (Northern) Oriole
Baltimore Oriole 
Altamira Oriole
Audubon's Oriole
Orchard Oriole                       
Brewer's Blackbird                
Red-winged Blackbird              
Rusty Blackbird                   
Yellow-headed Blackbird                               

Green-tailed Towhee                     45 emberizids (incl. all 4 longspurs)
Eastern (Rufous-sided) Towhee                  
Spotted (Rufous-sided) Towhee
Canyon (Brown) Towhee                         
Black-chinned Sparrow 
Black-throated Sparrow               
Botteri's Sparrow 
Clay-colored Sparrow
Five-striped Sparrow (7-10-01)
Rufous-crowned Sparrow            
Rufous-winged Sparrow 
Sage Sparrow                      
Olive Sparrow
Bachman's Sparrow                    
Brewer's Sparrow                  
Cassin's Sparrow
Chipping Sparrow                  
Field Sparrow                     
Fox Sparrow                       
Golden-crowned Sparrow            
Grasshopper Sparrow 
Harris's Sparrow (11/23, Okla.)
Henslow's Sparrow 
LeConte's Sparrow                
Lincoln's Sparrow                 
Savannah Sparrow                  
Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow 
Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow 
Song Sparrow                      
Swamp Sparrow     
Seaside Sparrow 
Tree Sparrow                      
Vesper Sparrow                    
White-crowned Sparrow             
White-throated Sparrow            
Slate-colored Junco
Yellow-eyed (Mexican) Junco                     
Chestnut-collared Longspur
McCown's Longspur 
Lapland Longspur                  
Smith's Longspur (11/24, Kans.)
Snow Bunting                         
McKay's Bunting 

Black Rosy-Finch (6-21-01)
Brown-capped Rosy Finch              
Cassin's Finch                       
House Finch                          
Common Redpoll                       
Hoary Redpoll                        

Red Crossbill                        
White-winged Crossbill

Pine Siskin                          

American Goldfinch                   
Lesser Goldfinch                     
Eurasian Bullfinch (5-31-01)

House Sparrow                     

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