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For Rickman's Electronic Plan of Study for VSU History Majors, see either http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/0PROGRAM%20of%20STUDy.doc


Spring  2018

History 2112:  "United States History since 1865" Information

Syllabi for History 2112-A & AA:  http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/H2112A%20&%20AA%20Spring%202018.pdf

Syllabi for History 2112-B:  http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/H2112B%20Spring%202018.pdf

yllabi for History 2112-C & CC:  http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/H2112C%20&%20CC%20Spring%202018.pdf

Sample Section I, Exam 1 Questions:    see http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/2112samples.html

Reading Lists 2112: 1st Exam = see http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/2112RD-A.pdf

  2nd Exam = see  http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/2112RD-B.pdf

  3rd Exam = see http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/2112RD-C.pdf

  4th & Last Exam =  see http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/2112RD-D.pdf

Reading & Study Tips see either http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/READING%20TIPS%20www.pdf



Key Information for Upper-Level Undergraduate Courses w/ Rickman

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Materials for Teaching the Internment of Japanese Americans during World War II

The Microsoft files listed below were created for a presentation entitled, "Fitting Fiction with Facts for Japanese-American Internment" on March 24, 2012 with Pamela Rickman at the annual meeting of the National Council on History Education (NCHE) held in Kansas City, MO [http://www.nche.net/].   The theme for the 2012 NCHE conference was Reading the Past: Literature and Literacy in History .  Travel to this conference was made possible by support received from the VSU Center for Faculty Scholarship.

1)  Brief PowerPoint presentation on Japanese-American internment with text, map, & photos http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/Internment%20WW2%20Causes.pptx

2)  Annotated list of websites on the Japanese-American internment http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/Internment%20on%20Web%20for%20NCHE,%202012.docx

3) Timeline on the historical roots of the internment, its implementation, as well as its consequences. http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/Timeline.docx  This detailed timeline is extensively documented & has suggestions for further reading.

4) An edited collection of eight primary documents on the Internment  http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/DocumentsforNCHE2012.docx  References to these documents are included in the Timeline to help students understand the context for these documents.

5) Expanded lesson plan, with modification suggestions, for middle-school students  http://mypages.valdosta.edu/bjrickma/LESSON%20PLAN.doc

In addition to the lesson plan above, Pam Rickman has also provided two other documents to help your students use the materials that Barney Rickman has gathered: