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Department of                Philosophy                         
Religious Studies

Faculty Members:

Fred Downing, Professor (Ph.D. Emory University;  Th.D. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) AOS: Hebrew Bible, Archaeology, Elie Wiesel, Martin Luther King, Jr. fldowning@valdosta.edu
Click for To See the Promised Land: The Faith Pilgrimage of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Click for Against Us, But For Us: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the State, a review in the Journal of Southern History.
Aristotelis Santas, Professor (Ph.D. Florida State University)  AOS: Ancient and Modern Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Environmental Studies, Pragmatism. asantas@valdosta.edu
Michael Stoltzfus, Professor (Ph.D. Vanderbilt University)  AOS: Religious Studies.  mjstoltz@valdosta.edu 333-7377
Click for "Evil, Christianity, and Public Discourse".  Click for "Sexual Intimacy, Spiritual Belonging, and Christian Theology".  Click for "Martin Luther: Pure Doctrine of Faith".
Christine James, Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of South Carolina)  AOS: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Logic, Philosophy of Technology. chjames@valdosta.edu  259-7609
Click for CV with publications listed and linked.
Own site: http://teach.valdosta.edu/chjames
Cristóbal Serrán-Pagán y Fuentes, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Boston University) AOS: Religious Studies, Mysticism, Saint John of the Cross, Teresa de Avila y Juan de la Cruz. cserranpagan@valdosta.edu 333-5975
Lily Vuong, Assistant Professor (PhD McMaster University) AOS: Religious Studies, Women and Religion, Ritual Purity in the Protevangelium of James, Personal Identity in Antiquity. ltvuong@valdosta.edu 249-4959
Lavonna Lovern, Lecturer: Native American Thought, Womens and Gender Studies. llovern@valdosta.edu
Raymond Peace, Instructor (M.A. University of Memphis, and three years of Ph.D. level work at the University of Kansas)  AOS: Action Theory, Aesthetics, Logic, Introduction to Philosophy, and General Philosophy Curriculum. jrpeace@valdosta.edu   333-7432
J. Michael Orenduff, Instructor: Honors Program. j.orenduff@mchsi.com
Keith Johnson, Instructor: World Religions, Fundamentals of Philosophy, History of Philosophy. keitjohnson@valdosta.edu
Patrick Harmon, Instructor: Cosmology, Logic, Fundamentals of Philosophy. paharmon@valdosta.edu
Danielle Costello, Department Assistant
drcostel@valdosta.edu  333-5949
Emeritus Faculty:

Ron Barnette, Emeritus Professor (Ph.D University of California, Irvine)   AOS: Education and Technology, Ethics and Technology, Cognitive Science.  Click for CV.  Click for the Philosophy of Education PHIL 9070 website.   rbarnett@valdosta.edu

James F. Hill, Emeritus Professor (Ph.D. University of Georgia)  AOS: Applied Ethics, Ancient Philosophy, Environmental Studies, Modern Philosophy. jimhill@valdosta.edu
Linda Bennett Elder, Professor (Ph.D. Florida State University)  AOS: Religious Studies, Women's Studies. benetlin@aol.com  249-4959
Click for CV.  Click for Biblical and Humane. Click for Creating Women, volume I. Click for Creating Women, volume II.  Click for the Pilgrimage Project.


May 2004: A faculty picture taken looking into the glassed-in fireplaces on the first floor of Ashley Hall. In the front row,left to right, Michael Stoltzfus, Linda Bennett-Elder, and Rich Amesbury.  In the back row, left to right, Christine James is holding the camera, Ari Santas, and Ray Peace.


The 2004 Barwise Prize is presented to Professor Daniel Dennett at the American Philosophical Association in Boston, December 2004. Daniel Dennett is in the middle of the picture, and our own Professor Emeritus Ron Barnette is standing on the right side of the picture.

Richard Amesbury, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. The Claremont Graduate University)  AOS: Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Religion, Cultural Studies. ramesbur@valdosta.edu 333-5975
Click for Morality and Social Criticism. Click here for Truth: Interdisciplinary Dialogues in a Pluralist Age. Click here for "Fideism", Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Click here for information about the Pluralism Project, Pluralism in the Bible Belt: Mapping South Georgia's Changing Religious Landscape.



Department Mailing, Phone and Fax Information:
Department of Philosophy
Religious Studies
Valdosta State University
Valdosta, GA 31698-0050
229-333-5949, Fax 229-259-5011

Homepage: http://www.valdosta.edu/philosophy

Rich Amesbury, Linda Bennett-Elder, Ari Santas, Michael Stoltzfus, Christine James, Ray Peace (2004)


Emeritus Faculty

   Jim Hill, Ron Barnette, William Frierson

Click on the thumbnails below to see an article about Ron Barnette from the Fall of 1999:



A recent picture of Professor Emeritus Ron Barnette and his wife Candy:

Dr. Christine A. James
Department of Philosophy
Valdosta State University
Valdosta, GA 31698-0050
229-259-7609, Fax 229-259-5011
Philosophy Department home: http://teach.valdosta.edu/phi  
Philosophy Department Office Assistant: 229-333-5949
Dr. James personal site: http://teach.valdosta.edu/chjames/
Dr. James' CV is available at http://teach.valdosta.edu/chjames/jamescv.htm