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Greetings all!!

I grew up in Canonsburg, (NOT the city of antiques while I was growing up :) a town located in Washington County, PA. It is a small coal-mining town located south of Pittsburgh - in fact, a coal mine runs right under my parents' back yard. I've lost most of the Pittsburgh accent, but traces of it can still be heard (particularly after a conversation with my parents). I no longer say crick, warsh, yunz, pop, or still mills, but, when I speak, I still don't distinguish between Dawn and Don, I pronounce sandwich as sammich, and no one here has a clue what chipped ham is. BTW, if you look under Canonsburg, there is a chocolate factory called Sarris Chocolates. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but that stuff is fantastic. David really loves the chocolate covered pretzels.
I obtained my Bach. of Science at Juniata College, a VERY small private liberal arts college somewhere near the middle of Pennsylvania (Huntington, PA, to be exact). I graduated from a class of approximately 200. They don't have majors; they have Programs of Emphasis (POE). You and your 2 advisors decide what would be the best options to take for future success. It's kind of like creating your own major.
I obtained my M.A. and Ph.D. at Binghamton University or SUNY-Binghamton. As you might guess, this is located in Binghamton, NY, a town located in upstate New York, right over the PA border, near Scranton, PA.
I have lived in Valdosta since Fall, 1994 and have been married to Dr. Wasieleski since November 21, 1998. Katrina Jean was born Sept. 16, 2003. Pictures of my homelife with David, our new baby Katrina, and Miss Jasmine the cat (her nicknames can't be printed on this web site :) can be found here. Just go to the bottom of David's home page, read the wonderful things he has to say about me and then look a the pictures. All of my animals are/were from shelters - I recommend taking a look there for a great companion (you will see pics of Prince and Cleo as well on the website). For just a quick look at David and I, go to the bottom of my homepage.
I am also a Girl Scout Leader (Troup 648) - we are working on a web site.
I love to cook - SOAR is a favorite site of mine as is the Global Gourmet. I enjoy watching the FoodTV network.

Mission Statement, Courses needed for B.A. and B.S., Outcomes, etc.
Useful information for students starting on their psychology major.
Information on Careers in Psychology
Undergraduate Handout - Brief overview of the requirements

Dr. Talor and I are the faculty advisors for Psych Club - check out our home page. There is a Psych Discussion Forum for your questions. I am also faculty advisor for Psi Chi.
Planning on presenting at a conference? There are monies available for students! Check out the student development organization web site for an application.

Link to questions
Link to evaluation form
Password: BRIIHL1
PSYCH2500F (TTh class) - 6031
PSYCH2500J (MWF class) - 6032
PSYCH4150 - 6033

Fundamentals of Psychology
PSYC 2500 syllabus
How to study tips
Netiquette  - BTW - before you start sending me odd stories, check at the Urban Legends web site to see if they are true.
About on-line classes - Read this section!!!

Need help with APA style?
A comparison of the human brain to the web.

Sensation and Perception (The syllabus now contains links to other sites that may help you with some of the concepts we will be discussing)
Syllabus (links to other sites located here)
Need help with APA style?

Psychology Field Placements (PSYC 4870)

History of Psychology
History of Psychology links

Senior Seminar
Links that you will find useful for your paper and your debate.

Information about Senior Thesis - 3 semesters (PSYC 4991, 4992, 4993)

Megasites worth looking at:
The Jumping Stand
Hanover's site
TOPSS web site
Psychological Science on the Net

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