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Sources of Information About Armadillos

In the past, we have received funding for our research from Earthwatch. The link below provides photos of Earthwatch volunteers' experiences while working with us.

1. David Barron - professional photographer who has posted pictures he took while visiting us during July, 2001

Technical Stuff About Armadillos

1. Comparative Placentation - everything you want to know about polyembryony in armadillos, courtesy of Dr. Kurt Benirschke's site at the University of California, San Diego.

2. Basic Biology- a little dated, but still fairly comprehensive summary of armadillo biology from the University of Michigan. A very terse account can also be found at the Smithsonian's North American Mammals site.

3. Bibliography - complete set of references to all papers published about armadillos, maintained by Mariella Superina, University of New Orleans

Links to People We Work With:

1. Dr. Paulo Prodöhl - Queen's University, Belfast, population genetics of armadillos (and other species)

2. Dr. Fred Delsuc - formerly a student in Dr. Emmanuel Douzery's lab at the Universite de Montpellier II, now a researcher there studying xenarthran (including armadillo) genetics and evolutionary relationships

3. Dr. Richard Truman - Louisiana State University, leprosy

Fun Stuff About Armadillos

1. Dilloscape - This is a good portal into all the sites out there maintained by amateur armadillo enthusiasts