Karl Bodmer (1809-1893)

Swiss Painter and Explorer of the American West

by Michael G. Noll, Ph.D.

Karl Bodmer

(photographer unknown, 1877)


This website is dedicated to the Swiss painter Karl Bodmer who accompanied Prince Maximilian of Wied on his journey to North America in 1832-34. Bodmer's drawings of the North American landscapes, and particularly the northern Plains Indians, are priceless. They allow us an insight into a world that still seemed fairly untouched by the chaos that unfolded soon after the travelers had returned back home. From the continuing impact of the fur trade and the encroachment of European settlers on Indian territories, to the devastation caused by diseases such as cholera --- Indian life and the North American landscapes as depicted by Karl Bodmer would never be the same again.



Gallery of Karl Bodmer's North American Illustrations:


These illustrations accompanied Prince Maximilian of Wied's North American travel accounts as published in Germany in 1839-41. A left-click on individual images will display the captions of the original plates, as translated into English by the author of this website. With a right-click you can save these images and use them for art projects, reports, and other endeavors. Enjoy!

































For anyone interested in learning more about Karl Bodmer's America, I wholeheartedly recommend the Josyln Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska!


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