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1.  What effect does observing violence, as in a violent, nonsexual film, have on people's
      levels of aggression?

2.  Can aggressive people be easily identified?

3.  What is pornography? What is obscenity?

4.  Spousal abuse: When is aggression justified?

        Think about the phenomenon of spousal abuse from the social psychological perspective.
        What social psychological factors contribute to spousal abuse? What factors can be used
        to reduce it? And, when is aggression justified?

        Highly publicized trials such as the 1994 trials of Lorena Bobbitt who claimed she had been
        abused and raped by her husband and cut off his penis as a result, and the Menendez
        brothers who claimed the abuse they suffered at the hands of their parents led them to
        kill them with shotguns provide dramatic and memorable examples which can be used
        for discussion topics.

        Consider additional factors that may lead to justifiable aggression, for example, when
        one claim's self-defense, a challenge to someone's ego, or being disrespected. One vivid
        example of a case that can be used to examine justifiable aggression is an article on the
        impact of insults in the North and South by Cohen et al. (1996).