Valdosta Pagans

Our Events

We tend to have several events or gatherings per month. Unlike the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, most Pagan traditions do not have a set weekly holy day. Given American society’s bias towards the Judeo-Christian idea of a Sabbath day and allowing some workers off on those days, celebrating our holidays can be a bit difficult merely because of the days they fall upon. We do try to hold regular gatherings a few times a month on either Wednesday or Sunday to allow our members some sense of normalcy or a pattern to our meetings schedules, but occasionally our main holidays fall too close to those days, so we might skip some Wednesday and Saturdays for the convenience of our members. The start times for out meetings are unless otherwise stated 7:00 p.m. For more information on Pagan holidays, please visit our page our page covering that subject. Our major events for 2015 are:

5. Full Moon Gathering [Monday]
14. General Gathering [Wednesday]
20. New Moon Gathering [Wednesday]
28. Pagan Society @VSU Meeting [Wednesday]
1. Imbolc/Groundhogs Day/Setsubun [Sunday]
3. Full Moon Gathering[Tuesday]
11. General Gathering [Wednesday]
18. New Moon [Wednesday]
19. Chinese New Year’s [Thursday]
25. General Gathering [Wednesday]
26. Pagan Society @VSU Meeting [Thursday]
5. Full Moon Gathering [Wednesday]
11. General Gathering [Wednesday]
12. Pagan Society @VSU Meeting [Thursday]
14 to 15. Azalea Festival [Saturday and Sunday]
20. New Moon Gathering and Equinox @ 6:30 p.m.[Friday.]
25. General Gathering [Wednesday]
4. Full Moon Gathering/Ostara[Saturday]
17. Pagan Society @VSU Meeting [Friday]
18. New Moon Gathering [Saturday]
22. Earth Day [Wednesday]
25. SAVE's Earth Day event at Drexel Park [Saturday]
30. April [Thursday] May Day Eve bonfire
1. May Day Festivities [Friday]
3. Full Moon Gathering [Sunday]
18. New Moon Gathering [Monday]
27. General Gathering [Wednesday]
2. Full Moon Gathering [Tuesday]
10. General Gathering [Wednesday]
16. New Moon Gathering [Tuesday]
21. Solstice. Sunrise 5:55 a.m. Sunset 7:58 p.m [Sunday]
1. Full Moon Gathering [Wednesday]
15. New Moon [Wednesday]
22. General Gathering [Wednesday]
31. Full Moon [Friday]
1. Lammas [Saturday]
14. New Moon Gathering [Friday]
19. General Gathering [Wednesday]
29. Full Moon Gathering [Saturday]
6. General Gathering [Sunday]
13. New Moon Gathering [Sunday]
23. Equinox. @6:30 p.m. [Wednesday]
27. Full Moon Gathering [Sunday]
12. New Moon Gathering [Monday]
27. Full Moon Gathering [Tuesday]
31. Samhain [Saturday]
11. New Moon Gathering [Wednesday]
18. General Gathering [Wednesday]
25. Full Moon Gathering [Wednesday]
6. Krampusnacht [Sunday]
11. New Moon Gathering [Friday]
21. Solstice Sunrise 6:45 a.m. Sunset 4:55 p.m. [Monday]
25. Full Moon Gathering [Friday]

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