Valdosta Pagans

Outside Links

Astronomy Links:
Useful for finding the timing of major solar events.

Moon Giant
Useful for finding the exact current phase of the moon.

Moon Phase Calendar
This website displays the day to day phase of the moon in a simple calendar format.
Has a variety of uses.

Reference Sites
The Hermetic Library
A collection of various texts relating to Hermeticism, the Golden Dawn, and Thelema.

Internet Sacred Text Archive
A vast online database of sacred texts from around the world and throughout time.

Neopagan Net
The personal website of the late Pagan author Isaac Bonewits. It contains articles on a variety of subjects related to Paganism.

The Pagan Library
A website containing various articles about Paganism in addition to some rituals. It was first established in 1998.

The Witches' Voice
The main Pagan social media site since 1997. It orginally had weekly user written articles, but since 2014 they have cut publishing of article down to once a month.

Websites for Specific Groups
Atlanta Pagan Pride
The website for one of two Pagan Pride Days that are held yearly in Georgia.

Dove & Serpent Oasis
The main Georgia association for the Ordo Templi Orientis. They are based in Atlanta, GA.

Red Hillls Pagan Council
A local Pagan group centered in Tallahassee, FL.

Tsubaki Grand Shrine
The website for the top Shinto shrine in the United States.