Valdosta Pagans

Welcome to our home page!

We are a small, but growing community of Pagans based in the city of Valdosta, GA. Given the lack of other established Pagan groups in South Georgia/North Florida, we are also open to Pagans and curious parties from that area. Most of us are former solitaries, who have come together for a sense of community. Because of that, most of rituals are more or less eclectic and are written by our own members. Occasionally we have rituals that are more associated with a specific tradition led by one of our members who is familiar with that tradition.

We try to meet up several times a month. All of our major events are open to the public regardless of their religion. We just ask attendees to be respectful of the beliefs of our members. To keep up to date with our events check the right sidebar on this page for our upcoming events or go to our calendar our calendar to see our full list of events.

We are loosely affiliated with the Valdosta State University student organization The Pagan Society. We try to coordinate our events with them when possible, but they also hold separate events. Their official website can be found here. They also have a facebook group, but they keep it closed out of respect for some of their members who cannot be open about their faith with family or friends. To be added to their facebook group please contact one of their officers.

Our facebook page can be found here.

Our temple/community building is located at:
93 Hyta Mederer Drive
Valdosta, GA 31602
Sunlight on River

Up-Coming Events in Brief:
+17 April [Friday] Pagan Society@VSU meeting
+18 April [Saturday] New Moon Gathering
+22 April [Wednesday] Earth Day
+25 April [Saturday] SAVE's Earth Day event at Drexel Park
+30 April [Thursday] May Day Eve bonfire
+1 May [Friday] May Day festivities
+3 May [Sunday] Full Moon Gathering
+18 May [Monday] New Moon Gathering

Fire dancing