Directions from I-75 to the Valdosta State University Herbarium

  • From I-75 Valdosta exit 18 east, travel east on St. Augustine Road.
  • There are signs showing the way to Valdosta State University.
  • From St. Augustine Road, turn left (north) at traffic light onto Gornto Road (Gornto runs along west side of Colonial Mall).
  • Turn right (east) onto Baytree Road at traffic light on north side of mall.
  • Travel east on Baytree Road until it ends in T-intersection (traffic light) at the University.
  • Turn left (north) at traffic light onto North Oak Street.
  • Turn right (east) at next traffic light onto Georgia Avenue.
  • Travel ca. 100-200 meters on Georgia Avenue to one of several parking lots on left (north side Georgia Avenue).
  • Walk across Georgia Avenue to Blazer Boulevard that intersects from the south, then walk south on Blazer Boulevard for ca. 50 meters to the Bailey Science Center (large 3-story building on the left).
  • Enter the Bailey Science Center (Biology/Chemistry Building) from the Blazer Boulevard (west) entrance, and walk east through and to the opposite end of the atrium. The herbarium can seen through the atrium windows on the left near the east end of the atrium.
  • Walk around through the corridor just inside the front (east) doors of the atrium and enter the herbarium through room 1040.
  • The curator's office is nearby in room 1105.

Campus map locating Bailey Science Center