CS 4731 - Machine Learning

Machine Learning.

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Topic Slides Additional Information
08/14/2017 Syllabus
08/14/2017 introductory topics
08/14/2017 icecream dataset python script to plot icecream dataset
08/23/2017 linear regression demo (gradient descent) icecream regression demo
08/23/2017 polynomial regression demo icecream regression demo (n'th deg poly)
08/24/2017 Reading due Mon Aug 28th: Bishop Chapter 2
08/24/2017 slides learning feasibility
08/24/2017 slides intro to ML and probability
08/24/2017 slides probability
09/6/2017 slides generalized linear models for regression
09/6/2017 generalized linear regression demo generalized linear regression
09/19/2017 classification slides
09/19/2017 scikit-learn tutorial link
09/25/2017 scikit-learn dataset loading utilities link
09/25/2017 introduction to neural networks slides
09/25/2017 ANN example code
09/27/2017 instance based learning slides
09/27/2017 support vector machines slides
09/25/2017 kNN example code
09/19/2017 midterm proposal
09/27/2017 k-means slides
10/04/2017 principal component analysis slides
10/04/2017 pca example code
10/11/2017 midterm project presentation schedule schedule
10/16/2017 generative v. discriminative in vision slides
10/23/2017 final project guidelines and timeline final project
10/30/2017 introduction to deep learning slides
11/06/2017 introduction to graphical models graphical models
11/13/2017 particle filter video particle filtering video
11/13/2017 sequential data slides


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