CS 4900 - Senior Seminar, Spring 2020

A capstone experience intended primarily for computing majors that combines societal, ethical, and legal implications and trends of computing with the development of programming, research and communication skills for the profession. Topics include societal effects of computing, ethics in the field, legal issues, professional literature and organizations, current industrial, social, legal, governmental, and technical developments, research methodology, and career opportunities. Involves extensive programming, reading and writing (both technical and non-technical), as well as Internet research, and oral presentations.

Dr. Mihail's email:
rpmihail (at) valdosta (dot) edu
office location
2119 Nevins Hall(map)


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Topic Slides Additional Information
01/13/2020 Syllabus
01/14/2020 math review
01/14/2020 3D graphics (math basics)
01/14/2020 interpolation
01/14/2020 intro to ThreeJS
01/14/2020 intro to ThreeJS
01/14/2020 sample threejs project zip
01/16/2020 sample threejs matrix mult demo