The Uyeno Biomechanics Laboratory @ Valdosta State University

   Welcome to our online resource!

   Welcome to the Uyeno Biomechanics Laboratory.

   This is the research lab of Dr. Ted Uyeno. (that Japanese last name is pronounced like the spanish word for good, but without the "b"... Bueno!) Dr. Uyeno's research program is primarily interested in answering the question: How does it work? In particular, research projects in his lab attempt to describe the functional morphology, or biomechanics, of soft tissue structures that organisms use to get along in every day life: locomotion, feeding, burrowing, reproduction, etc. The techniques we use to do this include lots of time on the ocean, histology, muscle physiology, 3D imaging, computer reconstructions and physical model building (computer programming, electronics and machine prototyping).

   Because of our interest in soft-tissue structures, the Uyeno Biomechanics Lab, often studies soft-bodied invertebrate organisms; like Humboldt squids (below), snails, worms, flatworms and many others.

Humboldt squid

   Please feel free to browse through our lab web pages. To the right is a log of lab news updates. Other subjects are accessible through tabs at the top. The Research tab includes information on current studies within our research program. Reprints may also be accessed through this page. Click on People to find out about the undergraduate and graduate student researchers that make up our extended family. Dr. Uyeno's Teaching page includes links to various resources and syllabi that pertain to the courses that he teaches. 3D models, videos, and photographs can be found in our Gallery. Finally, the Links tab contains a list of links that we've found useful.

   If you have questions or would like to contact Professor Uyeno, he is located in the Biology department (Bailey Science Center, 2nd floor) at Valdosta State University. Phone: (229) 249-4940. email: tauyeno(at)

   The title banner image is a view from one of the closest beachs to Valdosta State University. We lovingly refer to this hidden roadside beach along the gulf coast as "Buyeno Beach". The logo to the right is Dr. Uyeno's tooling mark/stamp that he inherited from his Issei Ojii-chan.