The Uyeno Lab

Happy members of the Uyeno Biomechanics Lab

Bri and Rasheeda

Undergraduate students

   Kira Carreira
   Kira is our lab's head aquatics husbandry technician. She is also a friendly personable type who is well versed in the theories of biomechanics (having taken our first offering of Biology 4530.

   Katie Tatro
   Katie is a long standing histology technician in the Uyeno Biomechanics lab. She is responsible for paraffin and plastic sectioning and programming the automated histological processing equipment.

Graduate students

   Austin Haney
   Austin is my MS student who is involved in my NSF Hagfish grant research. His focus is on developing a theory on how Hagfish bodies knot. He is well versed in high speed video imaging, kinematics, and rapid prototyping.

   Luke Clubb
   Luke is my MS student and is also involved in my NSF Hagfish grant research. He is working on histological reconstructions and 3D imaging of soft tissue mechanisms within the toothplate structures of the hagfish.

Former Students

   Rasheeda Rickman
   Rasheeda hails from Brooklyn and is in VSUs pre-med track. She specializes in paraffin histology and is currently working to reconstruct hagfish skin morphology. Rasheeda enjoys ballet dancing and working with youth social groups.

   Cambrielle Sanders
   Cam is working on acoustic communication in local crayfish. This means a lot of late night hydrophone recordings, field collections, and digital audio file analyses. Cam can always be relied upon for a friendly smile and upbeat attitude.

   Ted West
   Ted is a VSU MS student that I co-advise with Dr. Nienow. He is working in my lab to develop scalable methods of deep sea sediment collections with a focus on benthic algae.

   Kit Wilkinson
   Kit is a MS student from Flagstaff Arizona where I used to be his major professor at Northern Arizona University. His research describes the kinematics of frogs leaping out of the water. We developed a Particle Image Velocimetry rig to recover these data. Even though I'm now at VSU, I am still on Kit's committee and expect him to graduate in the next year.

   Drevon Taylor
   Dre comes to the lab from our Engineering department.He is profficient in programming and eagerly applies his engineering skills to find practical biological solutions. In my lab he uses Arduino boards and custom circuits to log various types of phenomena.

   William Dawe
   William Dawe is now working in the molecular virology section at the University of Georgia where he works to isolate avian viruses. As an undergrad in my lab he characterized the material properties of tensile elements in Spanish moss.

   Antonio Ortiz
   Antonio was an MS student in Dr. Christina Callestani's lab. He developed the histology protocol used to analyze the morphology of mussel gills used by his lab. Antonio was also my Teaching Assistant in Human Anatomy & Physiology for two years!

   Sofia Sucar
   Sofia was an MS student in Dr. Brian Ring's lab. She is learning histological techniques in my lab to perform morphological screens on several mutant lines of the remarkable hermaphrodite fish Kryptolebias marmoratus.

   Bri Young
   Bri comes to Valdosta from Moultrie GA. She is now a Psychology major but was trained in histological techniques during her tenure in my lab. Bri loves motorcycles and field work.

   Duane Barbano
   Duane was my first undergraduate student that I trained within my own research program. He was my student while I was a post-doc/adjunct professor at Northern Arizona University. Duane was able to help me create a three-dimensional reconstruction and analysis of the accessory hearts of Humboldt squid. Duane is graduating this summer with honors from NAU and I'm certain he'll get into the microbiology graduate research program of his choice.

   Michael Stella
   Michael was the first undergraduate student that I had a hand in training. We did a lot of cephalopod tissue histology. His unusual talent and ability to think critically allowed him to pick it up very quickly. I was a Ph.D. candidate at UNC-Chapel Hill at the time, but we still keep in touch from time to time. Mike was accepted into the Periodontology specialty program at the dental school at UNC-Chapel Hill.